Terms & conditions


ANU: The Australian National University

Challenge Points: Points awarded upon successful completion of Challenges made available throughout IACT20

Committee: The organising committee for IACT20 and supporting volunteers, including IACT Collective members

Grant Funding: Grants awarded to nominated IACT20 teams from the IACT20 grant pool

IACT20: The InnovationACT 2020 program

IACT: InnovationACT

Participant: A registered, eligible participant in the IACT20 program, including approved Wildcard entries

Prizes: Monetary and in-kind prizes, other than Grant Funding, awarded to Teams at the discretion of ANU and prize owners

Team: A registered, eligible team for IACT20

Wildcard: Limited entries for participation in IACT20 for individuals who are not current ANU students

Your Team: Each Participant in your team for IACT20

Terms & Conditions IACT20

  1. Program Parties
    1. IACT is an initiative of The Australian National University.
    2. IACT is supported by a number of individuals, organisations and initiatives, who may contribute to various stages of the program. ANU reserves the right to add or remove program supporters at its discretion.
  2. Eligibility
    1. In order to be eligible for IACT20, Your Team must meet all of the following criteria:
      1. Your Team must consist of two to five Participants
      2. All Participants in Your Team must be either:
        1. Enrolled as a student at ANU for Semester 2, 2020; or
        2. Have an approved Wildcard entry for IACT20 (maximum one approved Wildcard entry per team).
      3. All Participants in Your Team must register via the online form on the InnovationACT website (innovationact.org) and be identified as part of your team in the IACT20 Slack workspace (iact20.slack.com) by 11:59pm 21/08/20. Any changes to team members beyond this time will not be guaranteed and will be made at the discretion of the IACT20 Committee.
      4. All Participants in Your Team must have an account on Zoom (https://zoom.us/) and Slack (https://slack.com/), through which they can access program events and correspondence.
    2. Participants may only be a member of a maximum one team. If a Participant registers for more than one team, all teams they are a member of are automatically ineligible for IACT20.
    3. A limited number of Wildcard entries will be available for IACT20, for individuals who are not enrolled as a student at ANU for Semester 2, 2020. In order to receive a Wildcard entry, individuals must apply for a Wildcard entry via the InnovationACT website by 11:59pm 21/08/20. Recipients of the Wildcard entries will be notified by 22/08/20.
  3. Shortlisting & Judging
    1. Teams will be shortlisted based on teams’ Challenge Points. Challenges with opportunities to earn Challenge Points will be announced on the IACT20 Slack workspace.
    2. The 20 teams with the highest total Challenge Points as at 5pm 30/09/20 will be shortlisted, with all teams tied for 20th place included. Teams may be excluded from the shortlist at the discretion of the IACT Program Manager. Shortlisted teams will have their Executive Summaries assessed by the Judging Panel, and will be assessed according to the following criteria:
      1. Is the team credible and capable of executing the venture?
      2. Is the idea behind the venture innovative?
      3. Has the team provided evidence that their intended customers are supportive of the venture?
      4. Has the team demonstrated a need for Grant Funding?
      5. Has the team provided a realistic plan for execution of the venture?
      6. Does the venture show potential for growth?
      7. Does the venture provide any benefits to the Canberra community?
      8. Has the team demonstrated reasonable growth and/or progress over the past ten weeks as a result of IACT20?
      9. Other factors relevant to the venture.
    3. The 10 teams with the highest score based on the Judging Panel’s assessment of the shortlisted Teams’ Executive Summaries will present a Pitch on 13/10/20. Pitches must be less than five minutes in length, and will be assessed according to the criteria as per 3.2, in addition to:
      1. Other factors relevant to the pitch.
    4. The total Grant Funding available is $50,000, to be awarded to a minimum of five and a maximum of ten teams, at the discretion of the Judging Panel and will be announced on 17/10/20. The decision of the Judging Panel is final. Other Prizes will be announced throughout the IACT20 program, and recipients of the Prizes will be announced on 17/10/20.
  4. Receipt of Grant Funding
    1. The purpose of Grant Funding is to support a team through the early stages of starting up their venture.
    2. If Your Team is selected to receive Grant Funding, all Participants in Your Team agree to the following conditions:
      1. Your Team must nominate one bank account for payment of Grant Funding
      2. Your Team may only use the Grant Funding as per your submitted Executive Summary or in a revised report approved by the IACT Program Manager
      3. Your Team agrees to meet with the IACT Program Manager a minimum of two times in the six month period following IACT20 to discuss Your Team’s progress and use of the Grant Funding
      4. Should Your Team decide not to, or be unable to, use the Grant Funding as proposed in your submitted Executive Summary or revised reports, then Your Team agrees to return all remaining Grant Funding to ANU.
      5. If any portion of Grant Funding is not used by 01/07/21, Your Team agrees to return that remaining portion of the Grant Funding to ANU, unless you have received written approval from the IACT Program Manager stating otherwise.
    3. Payments of Grant Funding will be made by ANU to Your Team’s nominated bank account via bank transfer following your first progress meeting with the IACT Program Manager
  5. Intellectual Property
    1. ANU does not take an equity stake in any of the ventures developed as part of the IACT20.
    2. All work submitted Your Teams must be the original work of Your Team and involve ideas for which the intellectual property is in the name of participant/s in Your Team, or give appropriate acknowledgement of the ideas, contribution, scholarship and intellectual property of others insofar as they have been used.
    3. By participating in IACT20, Your Team acknowledges that any disclosure of intellectual property regarding your venture is at Your Team’s own risk. Your Team acknowledges that all submitted work may be shared with the Judging Panel, Mentors or Committee for the purposes of IACT20. Whilst the Judging Panel, Mentors or Committee have been chosen in good faith, they are not required to sign a confidentiality agreement, and ANU accepts no responsibility for any loss, cost, damage, expense, liability whatsoever that Your Team may suffer arising directly or indirectly from disclosure of submitted work to the Judging Panel, Mentors, and/or Committee.
  6. Content and media usage
    1. Your Team acknowledges that they are providing personal and other information to ANU for the purposes of organisation and conduct of IACT. You give permission to the ANU to publish details regarding your participation in IACT20.
    2. Your Team acknowledges that any and all IACT events may be filmed, photographed or otherwise recorded, and then made available online or elsewhere by IACT and ANU. You agree that IACT may:
      1. make an audio or video recording of your image or voice;
      2. take a photograph of you;
      3. make any digital record of your image or voice during the course of IACT events; and
      4. use, copy, publish, make available, distribute, transmit, perform, display, edit or modify any such recordings anywhere in the world, but only for the purposes of academic and teaching and research activities, any promotion and marketing, and reporting and journalism.
  7. Liability
    1. ANU reserves the right to disqualify any Participants or Teams which are not in accordance with these conditions of entry, or if any Participants engage in any unlawful or other improper misconduct. ANU reserves the rights to recover damages or other compensation from such offences.
    2. Other than in respect of liability for personal injury or death, you hereby agree that ANU will not in any case be liable to you and you hereby release and indemnify ANU and its officers, employees, students and agents (including award organizers, mentors and judges) from all and any claims for any loss, cost, damage, expense, liability whatsoever that you may suffer arising directly or indirectly from participation in IACT20, including any liability for lost profit, consequential loss, loss of data or indirect or special damages, and whether the claim is grounded in contract, statute, negligence or any other theory of law