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  • William Shen
  • Timothy Youn
  • Eric Truong
  • Allen Huang
  • Thomas Hamer

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Choosing a university to study at is arguably one of the biggest decisions you will make in life.

uniConnect aims to assist students in making this choice, by providing a wealth of knowledge and content.

The Idea

Choosing a university to study at is arguably one of the biggest decisions you will make in life. You don’t want to make a choice that you will regret in the future.

Moreover, you shouldn’t make a choice based on one-sided factors, such as university rankings or ATAR entry requirements, or based on a university’s own information portal. Too often, students transfer to different universities after their first semester because of this imperfect information.

Instead, students should demand vast information from multiple perspectives so that they can make informed decisions.

uniConnect aims to assist students in making an informed decision, by providing a wealth of knowledge, content and support. We aim to do this through a centralized web-based content platform with infinite possibilities for features and add-ons.

The Market

Any aspiring student pursuing higher education would benefit from using uniConnect. uniConnect provides a holistic, multi-perspective of each university whether it be in teaching quality, research opportunities, student politics, or location. Moreover, students will be able to discover information for their specific field of study, as departments across universities can vary extensively.

Several ANU students we talked to were drawn by its ranking and ATAR entry requirements and did not consider other factors such as location, job opportunities, or campus life.

By providing a centralised non-partisan content platform, uniConnect offers a wealth of information that cannot be found anywhere else. Students no longer need to scour the web for outdated opinions.

Moreover, universities themselves would benefit from uniConnect by attracting a cohort that aligns with its fundamentals and culture. This would ultimately lead to a happier and more inclusive environment.

uniConnect aims to connect universities to prospective students through interest matching. This allows for targeted outreach campaigns which give universities the ability to reach students not only domestically, but internationally.

The Competition

Currently students rely on university websites, friends and family, or student forums for information on universities. Clearly, this information can be biased or just widely inaccurate.

As one can imagine, an extremely limited number of students would be active on student forums. Although prospective students could gain the opinion of current students, this information is often outdated and one-sided.

Information on all university websites are crafted to present even the worst information in the best light (though they wouldn’t present this information in the first place). Although such websites provide the most up-to-date information, it can be extremely biased and based on finding the right data to suit your opinion.

uniConnect aims to offer a wealth of up-to-date information not only from universities themselves, but from verified students of all fields of study and background. By doing so, we offer prospective students multiple perspectives in order to make an informed decision.

Moreover, students no longer need to spend hours upon hours finding the information they desire. Instead, uniConnect provides a centralised content hub that is both easy to navigate and contains a wealth of knowledge.

The Vision

uniConnect aims to bring students from all over the world together to discuss and research study options. The potential for growth is limitless. 

We will first open uniConnect as a platform for students looking to study at Australian Universities, and then branch out to the wider Asia-Pacific area and then globally.

uniConnect aims to help prospective students, current students, universities, and education providers make informed decisions and build a stronger knowledge base.

Mentor Pitch

Choosing a university to study at is one of the biggest decisions your will ever make. You don't want to make a choice that you will regret. 

uniConnect aims to provide a wealth of unbiased knowledge, content and support to assist prospective students in making an informed decision.

We've talked to many students who have made choices based on one-sided factors, such as university rankings or ATAR requirements. Many of these students have also transferred somewhere else after one semester - wasting both their, and the university's time.

uniConnect is the centralised knowledge platform that will provide the solution to all these issues. Our platform will not only allow students to learn more about all aspects of a university, including accommodation, research opportunities and campus-life, but will also allow students to engage with universities and vice-versa.

We are all second year students at the ANU who have directly experienced the lack of unbiased information, and more importantly information itself when choosing a university to study at. We want to help students from all different backgrounds make an informed decision.

We are looking for a mentor who can help us grow our platform exponentially and help us in scaling and reviewing our platform. 

The Customer Experience

Customers will hear about uniConnect mainly through social media, university open days, and direct outreach campaigns to high schools and univeristies. 

Through our easy-to-use centralised platform, students will be able to access a wealth of information. Our platform will mainly be web-based and will integrate social media. 

The Team

We are a team of 2nd year university of diverse backgrounds from Australia and New Zealand. Collectively, we study computer science, law and finance. 

As high school students just a few years ago, we faced the same problems students face right now when deciding where, and what to study at university.

We have a large network of classmates and friends who study at universities around the world, ranging from Cambridge University to the University of Otago, who can help us build content and provide mentoring for our platform. 

Our Partners

We are looking to build a highly-scalable platform with a great potential for extensibility. 

We also require a network of students, and connections to universities to allow us to create and curate content for uniConnect.

To get in contact with uniConnect please email

Funding Sought

Expected Initial Costs

Platform Development Costs - Time, Software, Servers, CDNs, etc. $1000
Initial Setup Costs - business registration, email, legal. accounting, etc.$1000
Student Compensation (for students who provide us their time and knowledge)$2000
Marketing - direct in-person marketing, social-media, sponsored content, etc.$1000
In the future stages, student compensation will be funded through the universities themselves as explained

Our Partners

We are partnering with our friends and colleagues who are studying at universities around the world to help us develop the initial content for our platform. They will in turn asking their friends studying at the same university.

This ensures that the viewpoints we capture are diverse and thus, unbiased. In return, current students can expect to gain access to a large network of students across the world and they will be compensated for their time. 

We will also be partnering with universities who will provide important information on how to apply, steps to take, etc. In return, universities can expect to attract a more diverse cohort of students. In the future, we hope that we will allow universities to directly connect with 'matchable' prospective students. 

Capturing Value

Our main customers will be the prospective students themselves. We will be providing the content and information that right now, is strewn around or even does not exist on the web.

We will not be charging them a single-cent as costs will be paid for by advertising and through universities themselves when we expand the platform to include other features (e.g. chat to an existing student, connect to 'matchable' students, etc.).