Team Members

  • Aditya Vasmate
  • Ismail Nazeef ABDULLA
  • Victor Mazurskyy

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Swiftly is focused on cutting out the hassle, time and effort for university students purchasing groceries who cook for themselves and are required to travel long distances or take time out of their daily schedules. The long term goal is to gain enough traction to transition into a household service

The Idea

Swiftly is a student run grocery delivery service initially aimed at students. The service will provide affordable, quick and reliable deliveries to university accommodation or your door. This is intended to make our customers focus on the more important tasks in their daily routines and let us handle the chores. Our service promises to reach your hands within 24 hours of ordering to ensure fresh and quality produce. 

We intend to partner with local stores that focus on fresh produce to lower the costs for our customers and increase the quality in addition to traditional stores such as Coles and Woolworths. In the long term we envision this venture to expand into other customer demographics, locations and adding more features such as subscription deliveries and premium services.

The Market

Customer - University Students who cook for themselves and are required to purchase groceries.

Demographic - Ages 18 - 28 initially

Traits- Busy, lazy, generally unorganised in regards to food, inconsistent meal times.

Current Pains - Difficulty to travel to super market destination, time consuming, eating out is expensive, requires planning around other commitments.

Gains Created - Delivered to your accommodation, easy to order method, affordable delivery, personalised experience.

The Competition

Currently our customers plan their days to purchase and keep a large stock of groceries at one time which many times goes unused and gets thrown out. Currently customers purchase frozen produce as it is cheaper and more accessible to them due to being unable to travel to local stores. Additionally, most of our customers purchase their groceries and carry them back to their accommodation whilst walking. We will solve these issues with fast deliveries, allowing our customers to have higher quality produce for similar prices in a convenient manner.

The Vision

Initially the scope of this venture is to target University Students who live on campus with an grocery delivery service. In the long term we will endeavour to expand this venture into more areas and customer demographics adding more features such as subscription deliveries and premium services.

This idea has the potential to be as frequently used as Uber due to the fact that almost everyone requires groceries. As people become more busy and time orientated the opportunity to cut out the extra hour needed weekly to do shopping might be invaluable to certain people.

As we are only launching within the ANU area initially the plan is to expand across Canberra which is a relatively small area. Once we have gathered enough notoriety and experience with our business the plan to to expand to the larger Australian areas such as Melbourne and Sydney.

Mentor Pitch

The short term goal of this venture is to provide a convenient grocery delivery service to ANU students living on campus to alleviate the long walking distances and inconvenient time management issues. The long term goal is to expand the capabilities and scope of the venture to be a national grocery delivery service that can save time and effort from customers days becoming a regularly used app on their devices.

What we are interested in a mentor is the guidance and correct approach to start designing the app/service and slowly begin implementing additional features to reach our long term vision.

The Customer Experience

The venture will consist of an app that will be constantly updated and evolving with new features. All  communication will be done through this service. Initially, customers will hear about the venture through word of mouth and targeted social media advertisements. Additionally,  the app will have a referral system with incentives to attract more customers.

Once the app is downloaded we can communicate with our customer base through news posts within the app. Additionally, we can send push notifications about special offers and promotions. This must be carefully balanced though in order to not be annoying as we run the risk of customers deleting the application.

The Team

This team is well suited to execute this venture because we have a great understanding of time management and where customers want to save time and effort. Our team member has a work experience in managing transportation. Additionally, we have backgrounds in commerce, marketing, management & engineering. Through our networks we also have access to strong mentors and potential investors. 

We have made progress in making this venture a reality by conducting market research within the ANU campus to see if there is interest in the idea. 

Key Resources

Currently we do not have anyone on the team to actually create the application that we are working on. Additionally, shortly after we launch we will need a small number of customers/partners to assist in delivering the goods to the customers, this will be constructed in a similar style as Uber. 

We would require individuals with financial skills to properly balance books in the long term as well as networks with grocery stores for potential partnerships.

Any collaborators interested in this venture can contact us through email at:

Funding Sought

From IACT grant pool , We would require network opportunities, (with potential  investors & suppliers ) mentors , finance . 

Intitial launch and operations for running would require approx 15k - 25 k AUD.

Our Partners

Suppliers- Local stores such as IGA, farmers market stalls 

We are trying to partner with the above associations to attain goods we intend to sell . They are in turn receiving increased revenue. 

Network & Investor - UniLodge 

We are trying to partner with UniLodge , since we are trying to target students staying in these lodges. UniLodge could be helpful in marketing our venture since we are offering them additional value to the services they are providing to students. 

Our Revenue Streams

We intend to sell convenience by reducing time and effort in purchasing groceries by providing affordable home delivery at competitive price to university students who cook for themselves. We would charge them upfront in order to purchase the required products. We conducted customer surveys to arrive at conclusion of charging a flat $5-7 delivery fee for orders and enforcing a potential percentage increase on top of the $5-7 fee for expensive orders such as $65 AUD. The final model has not been figured out currently.