Team Members

  • Marina Mito
  • Shannon Viall
  • Jeygopi Panisilvam
  • Chaahat Jain

Social Media

The Problem:
Supermarkets have vague labelling that makes it difficult for consumers to make sustainable choices.
The Solution:
SourceMe is an app with a scanning barcode system for information on the products source at partnering stores that allow our consumers to simplify a conscious lifestyle.

The Idea

SourceMe aims to solve the problem of vague labelling within supermarkets that make it difficult for consumers to make sustainable choices. We strive to bring a cost-effective solution to the growing lifestyle app market that allows customers to easily see where the products are coming from. We do this through a data-base we obtain and organise through partnerships with socially conscious organisations and businesses.
We believe our customers are of a younger demographic who look to make a positive impact from within the supply change by making the right choices in what they buy. The ability to make sustainable decisions are blocked by the inability to access information of the product easily when doing groceries. SourceMe aims to constantly update the data-base and use a traffic light system of sustainability that will bring the right decisions to the customer.

The Market

While we believe everyone wants to be sustainable, few understand the impact of being so in a day-to day life. Our customers range from the goal-orientated and practical office-worker, to the university student who is aware and emotionally involved with solving the issues of the negative effects on the planet. The average person does not feel they have the time or energy to research their shopping list before hitting Coles, and woolies. SourceMe will allow customers the satisfaction of knowing exactly where your produce comes from at a single scan, which takes no time, and no money.

Whilst corporations look for profit in creating a product, we aim to show them to see the benefits of positive branding and greater customer loyalty when encouraging the purchasing of sustainably-produced goods.

The Competition

Competitors like Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide are endorsed by large companies and NGO’s. Our competition are currently making sure their sustainability apps are free for consumers in area such as ethical fashion, or makeup. Most of the apps in the sustainability area are non-committal and do not require user information upon signup. For our app we look to eventually have a more interactive user-base in which choices by our customers are saved into list they can choose to organise and title. Eventually this can be linked to a dietary app, or to a accounting app that helps customers track funds. On top of this, with our scanning barcode system, we show information easily and quickly such as the example of 13 Barcode scanning supermarkets in China (Hema Stores).

The Vision

This venture is targeting the younger conscious generation that is tech savvy and looking for pathways to show they care about sustainability. We’re looking to encourage a user base of around 100,000 people in the next 2 and a half years through encouraging them to sign up before releasing the MVP. We will begin with student populations in the areas around civic to begin with, and hoping to implement word of mouth and social media to reach out into other areas as well. While we’re beginning with the most simple wireframe as possible, one which we are still building to see the possibilities, we hope to implement a subscription basis and health aspect to the app in the future.

Mentor Pitch

The issue we’re facing is that supermarkets have vague labelling and that makes it difficult to purchase sustainable products. Our venture looks to simplify this by doing the research for the consumer and giving them back the data in the simplest way possible, green, yellow, or red. Sustainability is a problem for the whole community, however as a common-resource issue it is not usually taken into account by the industry. The people who care about this will be the younger generation who grew up with this idea of environmental management in their life. Our team is currently made up of two people skilled in media and marketing. A business student, a sustainability student, and an advanced computing student. We need a mentor who can help guide us in the direction and timeline we set for ourselves, and to be there to help when we commence building an MVP.

The Customer Experience

Basing this off of OKRDY’s success. Reaching out by building a user base appears to be the way to go at ANU events. Other neighbouring universities around civic would be incredibly detrimental to the success of this venture as well. They should hear about it at events, through facebook, instagram, and bi-monthly emails to update them on what’s happening as a newsletter. We hope to continue sending out two surveys a year when the MVP is released and onwards at the very least.

The Team

Our team is very new to the game, but very passionate, social, and media-savvy. Two people on the team have done a media & marketing internship with ANU for an international conference. Our developer has already had experience building an app in a course. We all have passion within creating something new and well. We have a network of 8 mentors and 4 entrepreneurs we built up ourselves and am in contact with. We have close relations with a founder of a medical app in Melbourne who mentors the TD. We are on our way to building a database and establishing the areas and schedule in which to promote it now.

Key Resources

Overall we need developers to help mentor and guide our developer. We need to find more opportunities to reach out to different customer bases, and mentors to help guide us on how to do that. As we are still figuring out what exactly we need to get this off the ground, the list will be sure to grow in the future. We’re grateful for any interest and advice and can be contacted at

Funding Sought

The costs within the venture mainly come from the development of the app that we look to cut by developing it ourselves from within the team However we still need help and to clean up the app itself will cost around 15,000 at least to upkeep and make sure that it is a quality user face. We are working with local game developers around the ACT thanks to the kind support of GamePlus and hope to be able to give back to their advice and mentoring on developing this app.

Our Partners

Our partnerships will be expanded to local health food shops and grocery stores within and around the ACT. We hope to expand the health element of the app by also collaborating with registered dieticians to help suit the needs of our consumers with special requirements.

We offer advertising and ad spaces to these people and organisations that link them to a group of people who are directly interested in what they have to offer and the products they are selling.

Our Revenue Streams

Our customers who are young students aged 16-28 are aware of the situation of climate change, and are conscious about their lifestyle and choices. They are aware of themselves and are motivated to be the best they can be whether it is through health, or awareness of the world around them. We provide an app that shows you directly what options there are for healthy and sustainable food items in the ACT. We will expand this into a community of like-minded people who share their sustainability and health journey. The subscription is 10 dollars a year which will be deducted in a recurring payment every month. In-app payments will include dietary requirements, meal plans for those who are health-orientated, and an advanced sustainable grocery shopping search.