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  • Alfred Lozano
  • Freya Jolliffe


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Ever watch a horror movie and wonder to yourself what you’d do if you were in any of the characters shoes? We’re creating a multiplayer game that will allow players to emulate the experience of being in a horror setting. Risk all to save your friends or work alone to ensure your own survival.

The Idea

There are many people who enjoy experiencing exhilarating and suspenseful moments through horror games and films. What we often find ourselves asking during these experiences is "What would I do if I was in that situation?"

We are looking to make an online multiplayer game that will provide a platform to test the players' resolve and wits in extreme situations. Our game will involve 4 players playing as hazmats charged with the clean up of an intense nuclear disaster. One other player will play as a malevolent entity bent on destroying the hazmat agents. 

The hazmats will have the ability to repel the entity using light via torches and flares. Batteries, flares and other resources will be limited however, forcing players to use them sparingly. They will also have to be aware of the ghost's ability to possess their comrades, creating an interesting trust dynamic in the game. These scarce resources in the game will set a challenge for the players that will have them choosing wisely between risking their lives the team, or only aiming for self preservation.

With our experience of making games and an already working prototype, we are confident in our abilities to not only design such an exciting game, but also see it all the way through. 

The Market

Our game will be directed towards people looking for an exciting form of entertainment, and those who have fun testing their nerves under extreme circumstances. 

Even though the game will include horror and supernatural elements, we feel that this will be a great way to test a group's team working skills under very high risk scenarios. It will be a platform that will excite and energize its users while providing insight on how they work with others in extreme circumstances.

The Competition

Currently, there are a small number of multiplayer horror games on the market right now. Many of the games on the market right now are either outdated or suffer from poor support leading to very mixed receptions. Despite the setbacks, these few active games are still played because there just simply isn't enough supply for the demand these types of games have. 

What we are looking to do is provide players and fans of the horror genre with a game that will veer much more in the supernatural and psychological horror genre. We want to make a game that will rely on dynamic environments and interesting mechanics more than simply gore and shock.

With the number of people online looking for new multiplayer horror games to play, we are confident we will be able to provide them the new and exciting platform they're looking for.

The Vision

In the future we would like to see our game active and supported by a large and healthy community. We plan to release the game with its key features that will provide a full experience and challenge. As our game grows, we will add more content that will further challenge our players and refresh the tests that they will have to overcome. Providing updates will ensure that the players do not easily become desensitized to the nature of the environment and dangers being emulated.

With the growth of our venture we will need to increase our scope to match the demands of the community we plan to build. In order to do this, we will need to increase the size of our team. We estimate that our team of 5 will grow to a number between 10 to 15 people.

Our game will originally be released on Steam, an online gaming store front, giving us access to a world wide customer base. This will allow us to be able to reach people from all parts of the globe without having to invest in physical production. If we were to expand our offices though, we see Melbourne as a great fit for another office since it also has a very strong game development and art community.

Overall, our main goal is to make a game that provides an exhilarating experience that players want to come back to. 

Mentor Pitch

Our mission is to provide an exhilarating psychological horror game that will have people not only on the edge of their seats, but also provide an opportunity to reflect on the choices they make while playing. Our game will involve interesting and unique mechanics aimed at providing an exhilarating and new experience. We have already succeeded in creating a stable and functioning prototype and are now in the process of building a full product with a fresh and distinctive art style. The kind of person we're looking for in a mentor is someone with a passion in gaming and psychology.

Video pitch

The Customer Experience

One of the biggest challenges of any product is getting the people who want to use it know it exists. The plans we have for bringing our product to the attention of those that will enjoy it include:

- Weekly Facebook and twitter posts and activity

- We will contact as many relevant news outlets as possilbe in hopes that they will cover out product

- Posting of our game on as many relevant platforms as possible (steam,, GOG, HumbleBundle

- Word of mouth

- Reddit

- Our own website

Upon discovery, our product will be accessible through the following mediums:

- Steam (purchase and download)

- GOG (purchase and download)

- (purchase and download)

After purchasing, we will communicate with our customers by:

- Forums (reddit, steam, GOG)

- social media

- email

- website

The Team

We know we can execute this venture because of our skills and experience, such as:

- Art abilities; we have skilled and experienced artists in our field

- Unique game design 

- Programming abilities

- All of us are graduates of AIE in our respective game development fields

- Very disciplined and already accustomed to working for longs periods of time in order to deliver products 

The assets we have that will help us:

- GamePlus; provides a community of game developers that will give us valuable tips and feedback. Also provides reach to more publicity and media

- Have facebook and twitter followings

- Reach to other parts of the globe (members who have many contacts from places in North America, to places in Europe and Asia)

Our Progress:

- We're just a month away from releasing our first official game (Destructonaut)

 And most importantly, we already have a functioning prototype of our game with networking which was made in only 15 weeks! This shows that we really do have the skills needed to get our product finished and into the hands of people in need of a new and exciting medium to test their wits and skills with.

Our Partners

While we have the skills and experience necessary to make an innovative and exciting product, there are still large barriers restricting us from reaching these goals in a timely manner. 


 Currently, we are using non-commercial versions of advanced software that makes our production pipeline as fast and efficient as necessary in order to be competitive. However, in order to publish our product we will need commercial licenses for the various software that our team has been trained in, this includes:

- Maya (at least 1 user)

- Adobe Suite (at least 2 users)

- 3DCoat

Promotions and Pax:

We also understand the reality of having to invest in promotions for our venture and the necessity of going to big events such as Pax. Many developers have attested to the fact that showcasing their games venues like Pax provided them with the essential boost in traffic and sales that were needed to make their games a success. Paying for the booths and accomodations easily leads to costs in the thousands of dollars for just one venue. Despite the cost, it proves many times to pay back in future sales.


Another thing that we are always looking to have help in is networking. Having help with getting our product known whether it be to investors or to games magazines and sites is something we always appreciate. 

How to contact us:

We are happy to have interested parties contact us through:

- Social media

- email (