Shane: Barber for Women

Shane: Barber for Women

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A barber shop in Canberra with barbers who are specifically trained in short haircuts FOR WOMEN. A space designed for the not so traditionally feminine women where they are able to freely express themselves & indulge in their vanity.

The Vision

Shane: Barber for Women, at this stage, is for a niche market specific to Canberra. Part of the initial marketing is its exclusivity. This niche isn't however exclusive to this locality.

There are very few barbers designed for women in Australia. The ones that do exist are targeting their own very clear area of the market (mostly rockabilly and punk fashion), leaving a vaste area of the population of women who want short cuts without a barber for them.

There is, Australia wide, no training or education that includes hairdressing and barbering as full training which means the hairdressers that do know both are doing extra study or are self taught. We would like Shane to service the needs of the specific market in Canberra and eventually be a training space for this specific specialty: barbers for women.

This would allow us to open other barbers shops with the quality and technical skills we want. These could be very successful in all larger cities.

At this early stage I see a busy full barber shop operating with 5/6 staff over the day. As the clientele grows there would be a growth of services within the shop.

We would do off site pop up days in other local areas and other venues. Smaller off site services for specific groups like mothers groups who need to be in a child friendly location.

As the business grows a mobile van (vintage Kombi or old Bedford) would be ideal for a pop up shop at UNI's and events to maximize visibility and contribute to marketing.

Mentor Pitch

Barber for women : by women

Hairdressers are not barbers. Barbers are specifically trained for MALE haircuts.

I want a barber who is specialty trained in short haircuts FOR WOMEN. This currently doesn’t exist in Canberra.

This is a problem for me, a woman, my peers, a countless number of women who stop me on the street to ask where I got my short hair cut and where they can get one.

Canberra needs a space that provides all the skill a barber brings, in a space designed for the not so traditionally feminine. A space where these women feel comfortable to be themselves but still indulge in their vanity.

I am a graphic designer with over 10 years working in brand development. I am a woman with short hair. The idea, Shane: Barber for Women has been growing at a pace I never expected it would. However I need business support now to get it to the next stage of growth as I have not opened a business like this before and am drowning in the unknowns.

I am looking for a mentor who has grown a niche business in Canberra, who has created a space, managed the process from idea to opening. Someone who can help direct me in the process of opening a physical shop and understands the need to have specialty trained staff.