Pneumatic Lever Phenomenon

Pneumatic Lever Phenomenon

Team Members

  • Rutvik Oza
  • Rahil Vora
  • Harsh Thakkar

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The project aims at generating electricity through an unconventional source which is completely pollution free and eco-friendly.

Venture Concept Overview

The fact that the world is facing an energy crisis is well known. What is NOT well known is a solution to that problem. Our attempt to address this issue is generating electrical energy through a PNEUMATIC LEVER PHENOMENON.

The concept is to make the most of the weights of people in crowded areas like bus stations, malls, and airports. For example, when a person descends from a bus, onto a station, a portion of the platform, where one steps foot on, is made to be flexible by a centimetre; beneath which a rubber air tank is placed, from which air exits through an orifice, into a turbine chamber, which connected to a solenoid, generates electrical energy.

With a functional prototype allowing one person to generate electricity worth lighting up an LED bulb fully ready, and calculations verified to the last digit, we ask for AUD 8500 to set up our first system.

Functional Prototype Video:

The Idea

Today, the world faces a serious energy crisis. Hence, it is a necessity to generate energy. So, we present a novel idea for energy production which may be very helpful in the near future.


We use the concept of air pressure generated by the weight of passengers getting down from the train station (or any other busy area) on a flexible platform to generate electricity.

The Market

Every person may be affected by this initiative of ours. Governments are the first to be affected. The enormous energy generated would be used to provide electricity to the site (train station/airport/malls/bus stations/tram stations). Anyone visiting these places would be affected. If the government employs this method of generating electricity, it could save a huge amount of money, thereby affecting everyone in the state/country.

The Competition

Common means of electricity generation are hydro power stations which use water. Solar energy is another means which currently the most sought-after. The burning of coal and other fossil fuels are one of the highly used conventional means.


Hydro power stations cannot be built everywhere. Pollution causing fossil fuels are soon going to be exhausted. Pneumatic lever phenomenon produces more electricity per square meter cross section than solar energy based on our current calculations.

The Vision

The venture has a huge potential at crowded places like bus stations, malls, airports, and several others. After a successful implementation at any of these places, the venture shall grow leaps and bounds. We see our method of electricity generation implemented at almost every place where a sufficient amount of return is predicted.

Mentor Pitch

The idea is to generate electricity through a novel means. When passengers from a bus descend onto a platform, a portion of which is to be made flexible by 0.001 m; beneath which, we place a compressible air tank. The air exits from the orifice to a turbine to generate electricity with the help of a dynamo. This means of generating electricity has a huge potential at any crowded place.


We have already developed a successful working prototype. A mentor may guide us with the potential places to establish this project in ACT. Also, someone who can help us sell our product, based on the prototype developed, to the government and various mall owners would be a great mentor.

Video pitch

The Customer Experience

Our primary customers being governments and mall owners, we would try and contact them over the phone or in person in order to pitch our business model to them. Moreover, there are quite a few technological and government conferences being held in the ACT. Following up with the government officials at those conferences would be a great way to keep in touch.

The Team

We are a team comprising of three students, all with different backgrounds. Hence, we are quite nicely poised to approach our challenges and execute the venture successfully. Having a variety of inputs helps us think broadly and equips us not to miss out on delivering certain specific crucial aspects of our value proposition.


Two of us have a science background. One of us is good at physics and computer science, whereas the other is profoundly skilled at engineering. The third member is efficient at handling finances and all monetary matters. Thus, our team can rightly deploy the venture with a great efficiency in terms of quality and cost.


As a consequence, we have been able to develop a successful working prototype which is quite cost-efficient too.

Our Partners

Collaborating with other innovators is the most important. However broad we think, listening to the views of other innovators is always beneficiary in more than one ways. Other innovators serve as both, as like-thinking minds, and as our audience. Incorporating inputs from such an amalgamation is very vital to the success of any venture.


We are looking forward to having some government official with a technological background to guide us through the formal procedures of establishing our first setup at a bus or tram station.


We shall have our website set up soon so that both our potential customers and our collaborators can contact us easily.

Funding Sought

There are three sizes of systems we aim to provide our customers. The first and the smallest size would cost at least AUD8000. This includes the upfront setup cost of AUD7250 and a recurring yearly cost of AUD750.


The setup cost would include the cost of rubber, steel, electric wiring, and construction/digging up costs.


Hence, a funding of AUD8000 would be good enough to get our project going.

Our Partners

We aim to partner with bulb manufacturing companies. As we aim to enlighten the streets of Australia, they would be nicely publicized on and around bus stations. Also, Reize is one of our potential energy drink partners, as they emphasize on the same theme, i.e. energizing.


The returns for them are not monetary directly. They get a huge market to publicize their brand. Also, they can show that they support social causes and work towards current global problems by investing in our project.

Capturing Value

Our potential customers are mall owners and state governments. They provide us a huge initial capital to build the system and a negligible recurring yearly payment for three years. But the potential returns for them are huge as they do not have to pay for electricity at certain areas ever again.


The price calculated is based on the setup cost comprising of the cost of rubber, steel, electric wiring, and construction/digging costs. This includes all labor costs associated. Our customers being quite large-scale in every possible term, our system shall surely fall into their budget.