Permie Planner

Permie Planner

Team Members

  • Chaitanya Shettigara
  • Susan Hutchinson

Social Media

Permie Planner is a web app that will make planning and maintaining a sustainable, productive, low maintenance garden easy.

The Idea

We are creating an app that will make creating and maintaining a productive, sustainable and low maintenance garden easy. 

The Permie Planner Garden Design app will allow users to 

  • design their plot, 
  • place plants,
  • identify interrelationships between plants, soil and insects,
  • make plant suggestions, 
  • flag incompatabilities,
  • account for local climate,
  • manage water,
  • give reminders for planting and maintenance, and 
  • connect to plant and seed sources

The Market

We have three target groups: permaculturists, other gardeners and professional garden designers. A review of social media groups and sites for these groups shows the following numbers:

  • The Canberra Urban Homesteading Club - 1300 members
  • Permablitz ACT - 98 members
  • Permaculture Canberra - 124 members
  • Permaculture Australia - 10000 members
  • Geoff Lawton - 83000 followers
  • Permaculture Magazine - 305000 followers

Each customer segment will benefit from slightly different jobs through Permie Planner.


  • addressing complexity
  • keeping track of jobs


  • education
  • addressing complexity
  • keeping track of jobs

Professional garden designers

  • addressing complexity
  • maintenance reminders for clients
  • produce reports for clients
  • print designs

The Competition

There are a range of garden planning apps, with prices between $0 and ~$50, which allow hobby gardeners to plan their plots. Some of these even incorporate the most widely known permaculture principles like crop rotation and companion planting, but none that implement permaculture in depth. This customer segment either doesn't know about permaculture, in which case they don't take any further steps to implement it, or they must look after the complex interrelationships manually. 

Some permaculturists use a combination of apps, databases and software to plan their gardens, such as the Gimp graphics editor to draw designs (free), Google Maps/Earth for topography (free), sun tracker for shadows (free). None of these were designed for the purpose, and the complexity is still managed manually.

Professional Landscape Designers have professional software, such as the CAD software for Landscape Design ($3995), but even this does not look after the permaculture aspects.

The Vision

We intend to start locally in Canberra, before expanding nationwide then beyond. The biggest market for growth is in the international Permaculture community. Based on subscriptions to international permaculture social media spaces (see Customer Segments above), this community numbers in the hundreds of thousands. A perusal of permaculture forums, e.g. shows there is a need for software to assist permaculturists in their designs. 

Mentor Pitch

Imagine if you could design a productive, sustainable, low maintenance garden. You could have fresh, healthy food at your doorstep all year round, without having to truck in fertilizers and pesticides or spend all your weekends working in your garden. 

You can do this by using nature's relationships between plants & insects, soil and seasons. This is what permaculture is about, but it's complex.

Permie Planner is a web app that will manage that complexity, make creating & maintaining a permaculture garden easy for any gardener. 

Chenni and Susan have designed permaculture gardens and have extensive plant knowledge as well as some coding and web app security skills. 

We are looking for mentoring in marketing, user experience and web development. Can you help us?