Team Members

  • Reuben Khong
  • Tudor Barbulescu
  • Danilo Jankovic
  • Jad Hmeidan

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Our aim is to provide a platform for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) that facilitates smart contracts, resulting in undisputed agreement of particular information between Service Providers, Participants and the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

The Idea

Our project aims to create a better user journey, security, access to the flow of information, prerequisite authoritative power for both NDIS & the participants. The Idea is to create a virtual account where it will help to ease the burden of the participants and give them more ownership to their NDIS portal account in order to minimise fraudulent activities (from the service providers) such as giving unnecessary services which were not requested by the participants and manipulating false figures that tries to claim more money from the NDIS and the participants. 

The Market

The Market 

The whole disability industry in Australia is worth 22 billion dollars. The target market segments are service providers, participants and the NDIS government. The whole ecosystem and the way how funds & access of the flow of information has been a huge challenge and it's affecting a lot of people and the economy. Through our solution, we want to help reduce the burden of the participants by creating a virtual account as they are able to authorise if the service providers have provided the right information before claiming money from the NDIS government. Also, it will also help service providers to claim and track their invoices directly from the NDIS instead of going through the participants that may have an impact on their operational cost. 

After having a chat with the former chair and the architect of NDIS; Bruce Bonyhady, we have to study how participants interact with the portal and also how the lengthy process works. 

The Competition

Currently, there are a lot of service providers are trying to create their own API that does not really solve the NDIS portal itself. It is more like a temporary or bandaid solution that uses excel spreadsheet. 

Our solution is to create a virtual platform where both parties (Participant & service providers) have to agree to a certain information to ensure that it is correct before it will be stored in the repository (smart contract). The NDIS will be given full access to audit the activities between the participants & the service providers as well as analysing the trends. 

The Vision

This is a proof of concept video which was created by KPMG:

Our mission statement is to allow participants in the NDIS to self-manage their funds and to streamline the process that they go through in order to access funds from the NDIS to use for services. We also want to provide transparency to how funds are used, to allow the governing bodies to better manage.

Currently, less than 10% of participants self-manage, most relying on 'plan managers', who have a very weak business plan - they receive 120$ from the NDIS per participant per month, in order to manage their plan.

There are 100.000 service providers and by 2019 there are expected to be close to 500.000 participants who will be receiving funding from the NDIS. Our aim is to get as many participants and service providers to use our platform - the Plan Management App.

Mentor Pitch

There's a huge mistrust among the three entities: the participant, the service provider & the government. Fraudulent activities are on the rise and it's affecting the whole disability industry. At the end of the day, disabled people are the ones suffering the most as more and more service providers are shutting down. Hence, the government reputation will be affected and will lose the public trust for their mismanagement. 

We have a strong diverse team who has been involved in various projects from the blockchain to disability industry. We are building a strong team at NDIS Blockchain. Apart from a shared passion to improve the disability ecosystem and saving the industry, the team has collective skills in Marketing, Sales, development, UI & UX design. Apart from the team, we have the former chair and the architect of the NDIS scheme; Bruce Bonyhady, to be onboard as an advisor for our venture. 

The Ask: 
-We are looking for a mentor is able to refine our business model.
-Have a strong knowledge of the disability industry specifically NDIS
- How to commercialise our idea and tackle some of the loopholes in our business model 
- Have connections with the Big 4 companies or the government 

The Customer Experience

We will network with the Big 4 and some of the big disability companies that will not just connect us with other service providers but also the participants. We will approach the NDIS to allow us to trial & error with some of their registered service providers in order to help us refine our prototype. NDIS is encouraging third parties to come up with good software solutions that will make their portal much easier and accessible. 

The Team

Our team have a variety of skills from disability to development. We also have a strong connection with the people who are in the NDIS sector. We have talked to a few service providers as they were helpful to refine our idea that will help participants to get a better life and management. 

Key Resources

We are looking to collaborate with all the service providers that will help us understand their pain and create solutions that tailored their needs. 

We are looking for connections that have access to the government agencies specifically NDIS or the Big 4 companies. 

Talking to a few consultants and people who are working with and in the NDIS, as they will help us connect with the government.