Team Members

  • Andrew Hall
  • Erik Tults

Social Media

The Idea

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.


Political engagement is at an historic low, to email one's local member is almost unheard of with younger people. Twitter and Facebook provide a fair platform for national issues, however local issues, while often more pertinent, languish in political discourse amongst the effected community.

When seeking election, politicians require a platform to engage more personally with their constituents on matters of local and national importance.

Our solution to this issue, is an app and website, where politicians can recieve feedback, poll, present policy and engage with the members of their electorate, ultimatly those whom they must impress to achieve or maintain office. While the people will be given much greater access to their representatives and be allowed to evaluate them based on their policies, achievements, portfolios, and voting history.

The Market


Politicans will do almost anything for a platform from which to spurt forth their ideas. We will allow them to manage their profile, answering public and private questions, creating polls and introducing policy ideas. In doing this consistently, they will create long term community engagement.


Political parties require significant coordination of their members, including numerous ballots to govern internal and external policy. They stand to potentially be able to run small internal votes through this app, and improve engagement with their members.

Voting Public:

When it comes to politics, many have a passive interest, or a hunger for information, but simply lack the time and energy to thorougly research their local members or parties. Furthermore, with local issues, many can feel alienated from the democratic process. By providing a simple way to contact MP's and senators, we can breed a generation of politically engaged voters.

The Competition


Politicians currently campaign using social media, public forums and traditional media outlets. Each of these methods provide one-way communication from the politicians to the public, rarely is there an opportunity for a two-way communication and thus many politicians become out of step with the zeitgeist of the community.

With the whole process being online, a long term discourse can be established bringing the whole community into the decision making process.