No Moon Entertainment

No Moon Entertainment

Team Members

  • Warrick Searle
  • Ewart Searle
  • Jake Ashworth-Ferrier
  • Zac Molyneux
  • Roy Kirk


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We are No Moon and our latest project puts the player at the head of their own Mongolian society aspiring to conquer Eastern Europe.

1 in every 200 people have Genghis Khans blood flowing through them, can you prove you are one of them? Take the reigns of your horde and trample over Europe.

Venture Concept Overview

Value proposition


No Moon presents Khan, a niche grand strategy game that places the player at the head of a burgeoning mongolian empire aspiring to conquer Eastern Europe.

Target market


Our primary project, Khan, is a PC, bite-size, grand strategy game targeted at adults aged 21 – 40 who are time poor and enjoy full length strategy games. Our competitors in this market, Domina and Offworld Trading Company, have 140,000 and 420,000 owners on steam, respectively.

Special skills, resources, assets and networks


No Moon is a devoted group of game developers. We each have a advanced diploma in game development with varying specializations, we’ve spent the last six months doing focused prototyping refining our ideas and fully realising our team’s development preference – strategy games. We’re currently stationed inside Gameplus, allowing us access to cheap office space , experienced developers and the wide network connected to AIE.  

Venture’s current state


We currently have a vertical slice of our project and are on track for a release in 2019. We have the skills and the funds to complete this project, however we need additional funds for marketing and advertising to expand our market reach and leverage our initial investment into a game that will provide sustainability for future projects.

The venture in the future


We plan to have Khan released by April 2019 , establishing ourselves as an inventive, mechanic driven company, with a solid fanbase and enough sales to give us the financial ability to develop another project..



Our different levels of potential funding serve to increase our marketing reach through attending game conferences, competitions and potentially allowing us to hire a professional marketing company (eg surprise attack). It would also allow employing an additional artist to further improve the visual appeal of our product. We also aim for additional funding from AIE Incubator to support renting office space.


$4,150 funding level


  • $450 – Google Suite server for six members until end of 2018

  • $700 – Registering as an official Australian company

  • $1,000 – Advertising(Google Ads, Facebook Post Boost)

  • $2,000 – Expo Attendance(Pax Aus)


$7,150 funding level


  • $450 – Google Suite server for six members until end of 2018

  • $700 – Registering as an official Australian company

  • $1,000 – Advertising(Google Ads, Facebook Post Boost)

  • $4,000 – Expo Attendance(Pax Aus, GCAP)

  • $1,000 – Contract Work from outside artist


$10,000 funding level


  • $450 – Google Suite server for six members until end of 2018

  • $700 – Registering as an official Australian company

  • $1,000 – Advertising(Google Ads, Facebook Post Boost)

  • $5,850 – Expo Attendance(Pax Aus, GCAP, Gammacon)

  • $2,000 – Contract Work from outside artist


The Idea


The problem we found was a lack of games set in historical settings in the current game market, especially games with distinct aesthetic connections to the era in which they take place and more importantly, are fun.



No Moon aspires to create unique niche game experiences focusing on our passion for strategy and history, our start up company of graduate developers are already undertaking our first venture! Khan.

The Market

The Customers

Gamers are constantly on the look out for new experiences, doubly so if they encompass personal interests or hobbies. The job they are looking to fulfil is to keep them simply entertained or create cognitive challenges through hours of leisure.


Their Pains

Pains these customers run in to is a complete saturation of similar experiences that offer nothing new to learn or solve for their naturally inquisitive mind. Another pain is a genuine want to learn more about a historical setting, but the mainstream gaming climate doesn’t provide this desire.


The Gains

Through our product we aim to create a wealth of entertainment and historical understanding for our customers to tap in to, so that they may gain at least a respect for the past, at best a true connection to our forefathers. But most importantly, have some fun along the way.


The Demographic

1.2 billion people in the world play video games, if only 1% gain an interest in historical events through our products, our company is a success.

The Competition

The Competitors

The market for easily accessible, and mildly entertaining games is flooded with options, but lack creative and immersive solutions. Current competitors focus on keeping the consumer entertained for 5 minutes, and giving the player positive feedback of progression to keep them coming back.

Our Improvements

The value that they are missing is the immersion, personalized features and quality of entertainment. By removing ads, and paid boosting, the game will concentrate on the user experience. This maximizes the quality of their entertainment and ensures that our consumers become immersed and focus on the enjoyment and strategy.

The Vision

We’d like to see our company complete this project within two years and expand to a larger project by taking on new team members and refine our production process.


Beyond this project we’d love to move into our own studio and support ourselves off our projects instead of our own pockets. This would enable us to put even more time in future projects as currently most of us have to work part time jobs to sustain ourselves.


Geographically we’d love to stay in Canberra as opposed to other locations in Australia due to our existing support networks here. But if a good enough opportunity came up we don’t want to be tied down too tightly.

Mentor Pitch

We’re addressing a clear lack of short grand strategy games that can be completed within a single sitting and nothing that comes anywhere near our 2 hours goal.


We know that many original strategy gamers that grew up with games like Age of Empires, Command and Conquer and Warcraft just don’t have the time for those sort of commitments anymore. This market now have full time jobs, they have families and other responsibilities, they can’t spend upwards of 5 hours to complete a single game.


The market for strategic game-play is quite dry on steam, we believe with our novel experiences and theme leading the way, we can really stand out in the market. Our motivations don’t weigh much in financial gain for this project (being out first) but we covet critical success and making a good reputation for ourselves.


We are perfectly suited for this venture as we passionate for the subject matter and have fresh minds for such a new niche concept. Using our skills we’ve developed over our 2 years at AIE together including previous time together as a team.


We’re looking for a mentor that has experience in the game industry that can foresee hurdles that we simply cannot due to our inexperience in the game market. We’d be especially thrilled if our mentor had experience either making or playing strategy games!

The Customer Experience

We plan to reach our target market mostly through internet advertising in channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Twitch, Youtube, Steam, Humble Bundle,, Google ads and our own company website.


We want our customers to communicate on forums to each other and our team, giving feedback, suggestions, criticism, bug reports and even just miscellaneous talk about the game.


Our distribution platform is purely based in digital distribution on some of the previously mentioned channels as we don’t believe that physical distribution would benefit us financially or that it belongs in the future market.


Even after release we plan to support our game with bug fixes and possibly small content patches, but we will not be contributing time into large scale content.

The Team

We’re 6 perfectly suited developers for this venture due to our skill sets that we all have gained through our years at AIE together, a combined passion for strategy and role-playing games and our enthusiasm for subject matter of a Mongolian themed game.


Our assets available to are the community around us of other indie studios that have gone through similar ventures as we are about to embark, as well as industry veterans that can provide mentoring for more advanced information.


We are already 4 weeks into our production schedule, our current milestone in the near future is playable prototypes for the game systems.

Our Partners

We have already obtained most skills, materials and experience we will need to complete this venture, what we need is funding for our project and our personnel so that we may comfortably afford expenses in advertisement and travel.


We are also looking for play testers for our project that have either an enthusiasm for history or strategy! If you are interested in our venture please contact us at any of our social media presences.

Funding Sought

  • Registering as an official Australian Company ( – $700
  • Exhibition costs through until the end of 2018 (PaxAus, Gammacon, GCAP, Indie Games Room, Play by Play) – $8,000
  • Google Suite server costs (For 6 members) until the end of 2018 – $450
  • Renting Office space in GamePlus (For 6 members) until the end of 2018 – $7,800
  • Software and Licenses (Maya, Windows, Illustrator) – $2,000
  • TOTAL = $17,150

This is the realistic figure for our venture that gets us through until the end of 2018, we could sacrifice spending on exhibitions and conventions but we feel this money spent will return to us exponentially.


We’d be looking for anywhere upwards of $10,000 from the IACT grant pool to really get our ball rolling as we are hoping for value capture before the end of 2018.


Our Partners

Our partners currently include AIE and Gameplus which has granted us a generous discount on the office space as well as free access to programs and software we’d otherwise have to pay hefty amounts for.

We have no shortage of mentors and indie veterans of the same hardships we are going through all around us at GamePlus as well as industry professionals that we maintain contact with at AIE.


The value they receive in support us and investing into our venture is the use of our name and gains to further promote their services to other ventures in the same position as us, as well as promoting their profitable services. It also helps build the community in which they are an integral part of in the long term.

Capturing Value

Our customer focus is adults aged 21 – 40 who are time poor but still remember and want the strategic game play experiences from their youth. We will provide them with a satisfying short session they can fit into their busy lives for a minor fee compared to their other leisure expenditures. Although our product will also be suitable for all demographics, we just won’t be focusing marketing on them.


It will be a digitally distributed asset sale of a one time payment of $15 AUD, adjusting for price in other international markets which we will be exporting to with ease.


We came to this conclusion by looking at similar genre and quality products currently in the market as well as talking to some of our customers to look for that ‘just right’ price point that lies hidden.