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Lion Cub

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  • Marcia Caporn

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Delivering Health.
Lion Cub deliveries organic, plant based meals to moms’ door.
Just steam, blend, and serve.

The Idea

We are addressing the homemade baby food market.  It is currently extremely time consuming, messy, wasteful, and demanding to cook and make baby food at home.  

We developed a meal delivery system that will offer moms professionally developed, well rounded meal options.

Mentor Pitch

Healthy eating habits are usually desired but hard to execute with the busy life style we have all become accustom.  Lion Cub strives to change the way people feel about cooking at home, starting with making their own baby food.

The landscape is ripe for the grocery delivery market to tap into the health meal needs of the family.  We hope to tap into this booming market and offer Australians an easier, healthier way of life.