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inUni AR game provides ANU students with a platform that enables them to better engage with uni Life.

The Idea

Many students have a weak connection with the university, such as unfamiliar with campus and social phobia. We are designing an app that combines the uni map to show what's happening on campus, and use AR games and some award to attract users to explore the campus and get interact with others.

The Market

As for vendors, they can attract more customers. For students, they can get involved in uni life, get the information they need. For the university, they can get real time feedback from students. It provides a channel for all stakeholders on campus gets connected. Share information and more interactive with each other.

39 universities, around 1,000 shops, 150,000 university students can be connected via this platform.

The connection is very important, not only about socialization, also about information sharing.

The Competition

Current information platform, maps, and social medias did provide various ways for users to be involved in uni life, but they did not help those stakeholders get connected. 

We use an AR technologies to provide a platform where all stakeholders can share information which is also connected with uni map, and interact with each other.

The Vision

Our product aims at providing great game experience for people who have connections with ANU. Students from different disciplines, professors, and the engaged public can be our potential customers/users. We plan to interview a wide range of students, academics, and visitors on ANU campus as well as other social places such as IACT workshop in search of better opportunities and requirements for our APP.

However, ANU Campus is just a beginning. In the future, we plan to expand our product concept to many commercial areas such as Westfield shopping malls. This makes our product create some positive impact on local community as well.

Mentor Pitch

Have you consistently been lost on ANU campus?

Do you think studying in ANU is too boring?

Do you want to explore the campus more?

Our inUni app now can address all these problems for you! Now you can enjoy your uni-life better. The development team has been equipped with the latest game development technology. Along with GPS technology, this AR map game can achieve these three main features.

- A Quest & A Solution

    You can find it enjoyable while accomplish these missions 

- Pet System

    Have fun with finding and raising wild animals

- Optimally Navigational Route Instructions

    You will never be lost on Campus

Why our product is special?

- currently no other app can provide good direction functionality

google map - will guide you to wrong place

anu campus map - no intuitive direction

anu app - when click the location on event page, there will be an error pop up

- Pokemon is everyone's dream from childhood. Now you can play Pokemon on campus! Our task system and pet system can accompany you with your uni-life and delight your daily activities.

- Use cutting-edge technology that can wonderfully create beautiful AR game 

About the team and product

- several AR game develops ; one marketing people; one art people; one creative people; one experienced business consultant

- already build an app with maps and GPS system

Why we need a mentor?

- technique guidance

- more guidance on business purpose of how to attract more customers

Video pitch