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The application allows medical practitioners to document the diagnosis assessment and treatment plan for a patient in such a unique way, that the patient can access this information on any mobile device. Patients will be promoted by the app to perform tasks or treatments specifically to their needs

Venture Concept Overview

Value Proposition 

Hospital and the healthcare industry have had so much attack on their insecure data and physicians leave with fair as they do not know who might have access to the system. And that why Hiitech is here as cybersecurity focus company providing a securely encrypted cloud-based platform for healthcare professionals to stay online safely while monitoring their patients remotely. Our software interface allows patient access to self-management. This will allow the department of veteran affairs to have all the health data of all veterans in and outside of Australia, this enables them to monitor their health status and provide real-time support when they need it. Issues we will address are; 


  • the frequent system shutdown is affecting doctors work in using current monitoring system. 

  • All monitoring system currently use now require one to have devices at the patient’s end  

  • Currently, no mobile stand-alone monitoring software is available in the market 

  • Doctors unable to get accurate feedback from patients after they have been discharged 

  • Does not support predictive analysis  

  • Does not support audit trail  

  • Does not track performance of medication on individual patients based  

  • Does not support a securely encrypted sharing of electronic patient health record 

  • Current system lacks the interoperability within the ecosystem  

  • Increasing cost of accessing health care services 

  • Lack the support for Send and receive vital sign,  EKGs, patient charts and nursing orders 

  • Does not support Send and receive documents like PDFs, .jpeg, .jpg, .png 

  • Does not support thoroughly checks of medical errors by physicians  

  • Lack the support for patient safety and care 

  • Lack the service of appropriate evidence-based patient care 

  • Complain that patient does not tell the truth about their illness leading to waste of time  


  • Lack satisfaction 

  • Lack of emotional support 

  • Feel not care for 

  • Lack of trust 

  • High cost of staying in a hospital bed 

  • Lack convenience access  

  • Waste of time on traveling for consultation or miss of prescribed medication 

  • Long hours of waiting at health facilities  

  • Non-friendly User interface  

  • Unsecured Data of records

  • Stressful when to see a specialist  

  • Complain that physicians are so busy and do not have time for them 


HiiTech, is developing a system to enable doctors and patients to collaborate 
in the management of treatment plans and issues. The application platform provides a means for medical practitioners to document and track 
post-consultation treatment plans for their patients, providing a means for patients to access the treatment plans 
provided by their medical practitioners, record their progress against the plan and be alerted to plan items that require their attention 
The system consists of an App and a cloud-based back end, the first to allow data entry and access to 
it for individual patients, the latter to manage the information within the system. 
Planning to date has focused on the general benefits of higher levels of patient awareness and management of treatment plans
, the benefits this delivers to medical practitioners and patients, and the general benefits it provides in a higher quality of preventative illness programs. 

Our Partners: 

In partnership with the above organization, Hiitech will provide digital healthcare services to hospitals within the ACT and beyond. 

  • The Medibank private insurance company,-Happy to buy 

  • Bupa private insurance company, happy to buy 

  • Medicare state own health insurance company- still engaging 

  • Gungahlin Medical practice-Happy to use -confirm by practice manager 

  • Government agencies such as

  • Department of Veterans Affairs, still engaging 

  • ACT Health (key person Chief information officer-Peter O’Halloran )

  • Canberra Hospital – happy to use if we have a successful trial

  • and Calvary Hospital Bruce -Happy to use -Stroke department. 

  We are seeking a funding of $20,000 to support our growth strategic plan.Part will be used to get more training on high growth strategic by Richard Hume to help us scale successfully and the rest use for office space at entry 29 for all our 6 staff  

The Idea

We have identified that in todays economy the wait at healthcare facilities  such as General practitioners office, Hospitals, Physicians and specialist offices  ect. is extremely long and time consuming.

If a patient receives a treatment plan from one of their medical practitioners, they will need to go into the practice to do check up and see how everything is going.

To shorten the times they need to go in to see they doctor we are creating an online web application where it allows medical practitioners to document the diagnosis assessment and treatment plan for a patent to help them perform the tasks and treatment specified by their medical practitioners.

Specialised doctors will be able to monitor patients.

The Market

Our customers will be creating a login profile with HiiTech and will be matched to one of the practitioners that is signed up to the platform as well.

The application will them allow the medical practitioner to create a treatment plan for the customer, that will have all diagnoses listed for them to see.

Once a treatment plan has been established it will have push notifications to tell the patients to either take their medicine or do physio exercise ect and have it recorded into the treatment plan

If the patient has any issues come up there is a direct communication channel with a specialist to answer any questions. This will eliminate any unnecessary trips to the doctor and save patents time they can spend on using to either rest or going to work.  There will be 24/7 monitoring from the health facility

The Competition

Currently our target customers are solving these issues addressed in an old fashion way.Taking half days off work to sit and wait at the doctors for an x amount of time after the agreed appointment.Current system lack interoperability, does not support hospital communication, 

HiiTech will not only help cut the time one spends at the doctor waiting but also will help the goverment to address a refine research around diseases.This will cut down government healthcare expenditures drastically

The Vision

From closer looking in to where HiiTech can go we made the perception that HiiTech can grow globally as the most secure platform for hospital communities software. It will provide a better access to health records in a global perspective.It will also provide the most secure online Follow up monitoring software  & Supervision (create more employment)

Having full time employees that look up clients process on how their treatment is going and seek feedback by getting in touch with them via phone or email.


In the medical field our outreach can reach from hospitals to private practices, public clinics, Dentists, concealing centres, podiatry ect.National security e.g police and Australian cyber security, defence force, department of the vateran this will take effective within our five year digitalisation strategic policy starting 2018-2023


HiiTech will be able to expand globally within our five year digitalise healthcare development plan

Mentor Pitch


We have identified that that there are no mediums for doctors or specialists to follow up or track patients after they have been discharged from surgery or medical procedure.



HiiTech is building a platform that will help you with the does and don’t after you have been discharged for a better recovery.

The platform will also allow medical practitioners to document your exact diagnosis and create a treatment plan specifically to your conditions. All information will be available on any device and the app will alert you when any immediate tasks are required to be done. 


Our team is made up from:

George: Advance Diploma in business information management,Health student at UC, chemist owner and founder.

Kelvin: Software and Network engineer at UC and head of development

Aungkul (Mark): Web designed & Software engineer at UC and co-developer.


Jimmy Popi Leaupepe- Has experience in administrative staff and is currently working with department of human services 

James Hodge-Professional software programmer

Kevin Atkinson-Professional software programmer

Also, we are still engaging with three experts to write letters of intent to be ,

-Chief Information security officer-Nigel Phair

-Cybersecurity officer

-Solution architect/loT


We are looking for a mentor that has the willingness to share skills, knowledge and past experience on their former startups and IACT participations. Has a good understanding and exhibits enthusiasm in the medical field. That can provide us with guidance and constructive feedback on how to handle getting our prototype together and reaching out to stakeholders. And helps us set personal and target goals to reach the outcome we are trying to achieve.                  

Video pitch

The Customer Experience

Our cherish customers would have the opportunity to communicate with a secure platform.We provide a web-based responsive mobile application that allowed doctors to create treatment plans and monitor their patients remotely

We intend to provide continuous online feedback from our customers in regards to our products and services, this will give us a better understanding of what our customer’s needs are met or not


They will hear from us through ABC news, SBS news, Facebooks, health news articles, AMA / ACT Health journal,

We will use this feedback and also ask them via face to face interactions on what is important about product and services to them.We will also engage with them through ACT health, insurance companies, a referral from their physicians, Facebook, Australian Medical Association, and any health agencies available to us.

The Team

Our team is made up:

The project will be managed by the project manager together with a highly qualify technocrat who are experts in their field. Above is the list of team that would work for the success of the project Project manager

George: Advance diploma in business administration, Malaysia Diploma in business information management, Health student at University of Canberra (UC), chemist owner and founder.

Kelvin: Software and Network engineer at UC and head of development

Aungkul (Mark): Web designed & Software engineer at UC and co-developer.

Partners contractors-We have signed a six months  contract with James and Kevin as partners to develop the HiiTech (digital healthcare services )

James Hodge-Professional software programmer

Kevin Atkinson-Professional software programmer

Also, we are still engaging with three experts to write letters of intend to be ,

-Chief Information security officer-Nigel Phair (Security advisor)

-Cyber security officer-yet to confirm details

-Solution architect/loT-Rob Wade (mentor)

Business development officer

Marketing & communication officer

Business analysts officer

Administration- Jimmy Popi-leaupepe he had experience in government and is currently working as an administrative staff at department of human services ( HR & legal teams)

Board of advisers-Diane Phillips, Brian Hartzer ,Simon France , Victor Pantano,

HCPS Networking Partnership Officer

Accountant -Chris Ambler (mas tax accountants)

Project management -David Campbell and Richard Everson will support us to the management of the project.Both have experienced in project management


Our Partners

We are looking into having these above expertise on boards to help us skilled successful

1.Cybersecurity officer

2.Solution architect/loT

3.Business development officer

4.Marketing & communication officer

5.Business analysts officer

6.Healthcare Networking Partnership Officer

For further information on role of the above

Please feel free to contact the project manager on the above email for job description/duties


Funding Sought

Hiitech would need a seed funding of $70,000.00 and an operational funding of $400,000 to run the company successfully.We are looking forward to getting about $20,000 to help us finalize the start cost.We will be able to get $50,000 and winning $20,000 would be a great thing for HIITECH in its early stage development process.


So far the ongoing legal structure cost including IP license is $9,000 all have been paid.We will use this money to support out the ongoing cost.This excludes business analysis cost which is yet to be confirmed later next week.

Our Partners

HiiTech is determined to provide the highest cybersecurity measure to protect our patient’s data information in collaboration with our partners like Calvary Hospital Bruce stroke department, Amazon Australia, Bupa Australia, Medibank Australia, department of veterans affairs and the Australian Cybersecurity experts to help combat any suspicious behaviour on our server, data.HiiTech will continue to provide optional security & Privacy education, training and awareness in regards to due diligence, the responsibility of patients and healthcare professionals to continue to comply with privacy requirement and compliance of their personal security as we work hard to protect them on a 24/7 from any unauthorised interference from a third party.We are engaging with the above agencies to provide cyber security and privacy education to our value customers.


Amazon has provided us with $10,000 credit for us to use.This means we will not pay anything in outsourcing our data into the cloud for two good years. In a decision to that Amazon has also promised to continue to provide technical support for free of charge in regards to this they connect us with Tom Mcmeekin -a solution architect at Amazon web services.

We add value by reducing time spent at physicians office, cut cost in long stay in hospital bed, provide access to medical records, improve health outcome with mega data from patients

Capturing Value

Our customers are all insurance companies, physicians, government agencies, pharmaceutical industries

All payment is subscription based mothed bill monthly or yearly,

Bupa and medibank both are ready to pay for our product but they are giving us different pricing 50,000 clients for a package of $10,0000 (medibank) bupa said they are willing to pay $3-6 per  client  per month