Team Members

  • Phoebe Pan
  • Yuan Chai


Social Media

Canberra Circle is an online platform to provide valuable information to international students or others from overseas to Canberra, which provides house leasing, car renting, recruitment service and other trusted and timely source of information.

The Vision

This online platform provides free information for international students or others came to Canberra. We charge advertisement fees and other promotion fees from our partners, like real estate agents, education institutions and so on. Since recently Canberra has developed so fast, thousands of people come to Canberra to study and live, our potential customers could be over ten thousand and our partners could cover over twenty different main areas.

In the future we intend to establish Australian Life Circle Group company, which could expand to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other cities. We also plan to get recruitment service involved and build more cultural exchange events in years to come.

Mentor Pitch

Our team intend to build a venture named Canberra Circle, which is an online platform to provide valuable information to international students or others from overseas to Canberra. As international students, the biggest problem when we first time come to Canberra is where to find the proper house, so our platform provides free house leasing information, and other trusted and timely source of information including car renting, recruitment service, advertising promotion, events and so on. We charge advertisement fees and market promotion fees from our partners covering schools, overseas education institutions, immigration agents, real estate agents and other local business. Our team members have various backgrounds of computer science, engineer, accounting, management and marketing. Some of team members have work experience in Australian students associations who have showed high enthusiasm and interest to build this platform for international students. Some team members have connections with real estate agents, recruitment service agents and other local businesses which could support our platform. Since our team members are all students and volunteer to build this platform, we need a mentor to guide us how to manage and motivate our team, and teach us effective brand promotion.

The Customer Experience

Our customers could be aware of our venture though the propagation of internet, especially the online promotion though Facebook, Wechat, Instagram, Weibo. We also would like to organize offline events in campus or other communities. Meantime, we could rely on promotion of our collaborators or students organizations.

Our customers could receive our services through subscribing our app, browsing our daily articles, participating events and one-to-one exclusive service. After they have received services, we will conduct timely customer feedback surveys and reward useful information.

The Team

Our team members have backgrounds of computer science,graphic design, marketing, accounting and management. Assets we have now are a Wechat platform, business cards, posters and t-shirts. Some of our team members are officer or student representatives of ANU postgraduate & research student association, and we have tight connection with students groups.

Since some of our team members work part time in local business, we've built networks with some real estate agents, education institutions, fitness studios and restaurants, which could be our potential customers.

Key Resources

We need to continue developing the connection with students and getting more volunteers and interns involved. We also need to improve our marketing skills and strong relationships with local business, especially enterprises which would like to establish business connections with international students or people from overseas. For example, banks, real estate agents, immigration agents, recruitment services, education institutions.

If anyone is interested in our business, feel free to contact us at

Funding Sought

The overview of the main costs of our business is around $10,000, covering the setup costs, marketing expense, utility expense, and R&D expense.

We would need from the IACT Grant Pool for $8,000, and we could request commissions from our partners, such as the Chamber of Commerce, advertisers.

Our Partners

We are trying to build connections with a variety of local business, including real estate agency (LJ Hooker), law firm (Maxwell & Co), telecommunication ( Kogan), recruitment service agents (DNC Consulting Group).

They could provide professional services to international students. As a return, they could receive our quality advertisement service, promote their band to more customers, reduce the cost of effort or time in marketing.

Our Revenue Streams

Our customers would be international students and people from overseas to Canberra, we provide valuable and timely information including car rental, house renting, second trade etc., on our platform. They could pay us through subscribing our Wechat account and it is a recurring payment since we provide continuous services.

We use price sensitivity index to reach our price strategy: the average ‘Too expensive’ amount:$10 per month; the average ‘Too cheap’ amount: free; the average ‘Hard choice’ amount: $4.99 per month; the average ‘Good value’ amount: 1-month free trial, then $4.99 per month.