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  • Mania Artimani
  • Daniel Farahani

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Connecting experienced with experience seekers based on experience seeker questions.

Venture Concept Overview

Have you ever had any mathematics questions you could not answer and also could not find someone who is an expert to help you ? Have you felt that frustration and disappointment?

What if you had that maths intelligent friend around to just give you that small tip that you needed and boost your confidence to go forward? What if every student in Canberra had access to such a person easily and affordably? On the other hand, consider those maths intelligent friends who can help many other Canberran students but because they don’t have access to the rest of the market, they have to forget about their intelligence and go work in a supermarket to earn some cash. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial and more motivating for both sides of the market to study and learn together?

“Genuine Mistake” provides this opportunity for 20093 students in years 7, 8, 9, 10 in Canberra, Starting from topic, “Algebra”.

Now imagine if this system go viral and everyone helps others with their answers to their different questions. People have spent their time to making mistakes and learnt from them. Learn something inestimable that is not found in Googles search, but rather found in Human minds. Now what if “Genuine Mistake” does Google’s job for connecting humans? Genuine Mistake is a web application which provides a friendly environment for “People with questions” and “ People with the answer to that question”, to be connected together.

Mania, with the background of Physics and Engineering, has been teaching and tutoring maths and physics in Canberra for the past year. The very first and most challenging topic for students to deal with is Algebra. Her students are already using the idea of getting help and progressing via text and sending photos. In order to help more students, she needs to build a user friendly web-app for “Genuine Mistake”. Reaching almost 25 students gave us the opportunity to invite 10 of them to the new virtual “Genuine Mistake” class that has been built two days ago. Three of them got involved and one of them is using the class actively. Daniel, on the other hand with the background of Economics and Software Engineering will take care of financial and technological aspect of that.

To make a minimum viable product for Genuine Mistake, $5,400 is needed which will be spend for the first stage of the plan (web developing & server database). And the second stage will cost $1960 (Marketing & having other tutors involved). Therefore, altogether Genuine Mistake needs $7,360 to step forward to the next stage. Also, any app and web designing help will be appreciated.

After the first stage which will take 3 months, Genuine Mistake will cover more fields for all high school students in Canberra and New South Wales.


Based on customer survey, they are happy to pay any amount between $5-$39/week to be subscribed and to be able to ask questions. Also, students can charge each other for solving each other’s questions. The service will be free for the first 3 months to boost students to 150 and in that period of time Mania and another tutor will take care of them until it reaches to the stage that the application is adequate enough for people to actually pay for the service.

The Idea


Have you had any mathematics questions that you could never answer and you could not find someone who is educated and expert around you to help you with that question? So you got stuck to that question and that level of maths and you could never progress any further and felt disappointed and frustrated?


On the other hand, consider those maths intelligent friends who can help many other Canberran students but they have been limited to 2-3 close friend in order to help them in maths. But because they don’t have access to the rest of the market; they have to forget about their intelligence and go work in a supermarket to earn some cash. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial and at the same time more motivating for both side of the market to study and try harder?



What if you had that maths intelligent friend or parent around you to just give you that small tip that you needed and boost your confidence to go forward and continue? What if every student in Canberra had access to such a person easily and affordably?

Genuine Mistake is a web application which provides a friendly environment for “People with the question” and “ People with the answer of that question”. There would be different virtual classes based on the topic and questions.







The Market

Students with problem in maths who feels the frustration of not being able to solve the questions, and on the other side, the students who are able to help others in maths.

Any person with a question will be a mentee and any person with the answer of that question will be the mentor for that mentee. They are both users of the product.

At any situation that a mentee feels that she needs help, she can ask the question and that question is the main point that will connect the mentee with a relevant mentor who would be able to solve the question for her. That way, the problem on a specific question will be solved in a shorter amount of time by someone who has had the experience before.

As we are going to start from a special field(mathematics) and a smaller portion of students (student with a problem in Algebra in Canberra). Since the Australian educational level didn’t receive any significant improvement from the last late century (Sue Thomson. 2016. Australian schools continue to fall behind in maths and science. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 30 November 2016].), a wide needs of experienced mentors and tutors are being felt in schools in Australia. On the other hand there are 30355 high school students only in Canberra (Canberra Schools Census February 2016). If we focus only on years 7, 8, 9 and 10 students in Canberra we are going to have a market of 20093 at the beginning. 


year Number of Students
7 5184
8 4915
9 4847
10 5147
Total 20093


Working with more that 50 one-on-one students and teaching more than 100 students in different classes, has taught us that the most important and popular topic among them is Algebra, and that is the point where students mathematics skills start to decline. As a result, we decided to start from the high demand in mathematics ( Algebra)


The Competition

Students normally use tutors where they have to pay about $50/Hr

Other people use google to search their problem and depending on their question they will find their answer in a longer period of time, if they can find the actual answer for their question

There is Quora as well, where people can find the answer of their questions


1. Students might find someone who answers their question for free or for a lower amount of money

2. The question in Genuine Mistake will be sent to the expert and the expert will answer the question, so the questioner won’t have to spend a lot of time on finding the answer (Time). Also, the questioner is free to choose the answer between a number of people and he is not limited to some specific people ( resources)

3. In Genuine Mistake, it is the question which look for the relevant person to be answered not the questioner. Therefore, the system will save the questioner time as well as bringing some money(if required) for the expert.

The Vision

The starting part of the project is from high school students in Maths, after 100-200 user we will expand that to English students in Canberra to about 500 users and after that we will involve relationship problems until the number of users get to 1000 and after that we aim other cities in Australia and eventually expand it to other countries. We also aim to include as many topics as possible, but it depends on the potential questioner customers.


Organisations that can be involved in the beginning can be schools and universities and after that it can be expanded to many different organisations which need help with mentors.


At the beginning the facilities which be provided for the users will be camera, text, virtual whiteboard.


But the facilities will be increased over the time and the last desired one will be using of virtual and augmented reality for tutoring, teaching and mentoring.


The final destination is a virtual education service which is going to be managed by people (mentors and mentees) and they will be free to make any virtual class or environment where they can teach and educate…



Mentor Pitch

Finding an answer for a specific question is time consuming and hard sometimes, while someone might have the right answer for that question and the only problem here is the questioner finding that person.


At Genuine Mistake questioner will ask their questions and the question will find the specific related person who is able to answer the question.

Video pitch

The Customer Experience

1. The first customers are our students who are studying Maths and Physics and Electronics

2. The second customers can be reached by going to schools and universities

3. By uploading videos on FB and Youtube ( like the sample video.)

4. By asking them to subscribe the Youtube channel they can be reached later

5. Also, When they log in to the application, they can be reached in the future.

The Team

Mania has been teaching in Canberra for almost one year and she knows what are students challenges and needs. She has access to students. She also teaches in an institute and she has access to about 120 students there as well.

Daniel is doing software engineering and economy at ANU and he is well suited to do the technological and financial part of the application.

Mania also did her MBA, and he has business knowledge for starting a business. She also has done some small businesses before. She is familiar with some marketing skills.

Genuine Mistake has engaged some student already and there are some students who are using it already.

Also, the service is being introduced to customers via Facebook videos and some other service introduction videos will be uploaded in the near future for students to learn how to work with the product.

Our Partners

Any one who is interested in boosting the level of education in Canberra initially and worldwide finally, is more than welcome to sign in to the application. And anyone with the intention of investing in Genuine Mistake to grow.

Also, expert web-app developers and designers are more than welcome to join and help Genuine Mistake to grow.

Please contact Genuine Mistake via :

Facebook: GenuineMistake


Phone: 0490345339



Funding Sought

Genuine Mistake is going through two stages in the following 3 months. The first stage, which takes 1.5 month, the application is being built (The minimum viable product) ; while we are managing coming students with virtual whiteboard being used at the moment. The next stage, will be transferring students to the new application and start huge marketing. That will be 1.5 months as well.


Hours per week Hourly rate Weekly Monthly End of the first stage
(1.5 months)
Web-app developer 20 $45.00 $900.00 $3,600.00 $5,400.00
Server database $70.00
The second stage
(the second 1.5 months)
Marketing Facebook/day End of second stage Flyers Making videos
$4.00 $180.00 $120.00 $400.00 $700.00
Hours per week Hourly rate Weekly Monthly
Another tutor 20 $30.00 $210.00 $840.00 $1,260.00
Second stage total $1,960.00
Total $7,360.00

Our Partners

Almost 15 students who are already satisfied with joining and using the service.

One student is actively using the virtual whiteboard and three students accepted the invitation to whiteboards. 5 more students who are still using texts and photos to get help and using the idea of getting help and sharing.

Capturing Value





Any person who want to have a new experience in their lives and having question and not having enough expert around them. On the other hand there are other people who have had invaluable experiences and want to make money out of that knowledge.

Mentors will charge their mentees and from that fee a percentage will be paid to Genuine Mistake.

They are happy to pay any amount between $10 – $39 per question per expert depending on their questions.