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The Idea

Customers are those who do not have solid financial knowledge, including non-finance university student,  househusband/housewife, student-run association and charity. The pains that we will help them over come would be lack of financial knowledge, not involved in portfolio construction and inflexibility. On the other hand, our team could provide them a platform where they can customise their own portfolio and weekly webinar to help them obtain finance knowledge in a short time period. 

We are going to target 18-21 year-old universality student including those student-run organisation. On top of it, housewife/househusband aging from 35-65 are also our potential customers. 

Things that we learnt from customers are that they showed quite a bit of interest in our program and the obstacle for most of them to actually invest their money on their own is lacking of financial knowledge. 


The Market

Customers are those who do not have solid financial knowledge, including non-finance university student, househusband/housewife, student-run association and charity

The Competition

Our potential customers currently just either put the money into saving account or investing in bad performing asset management institutions. As in our competitors, those banks, superannuation fund management organisation etc, they help our customers manage the money through available products that they have. 

What makes us stand our are that we are going to get customers involved in their portfolio construction also more actively in monitoring their account which provides lots of flexibility. On top of it, we provide weekly webinars to actually teach them some necessary financial knowledge they need to obtain in terms of investment. Last but not least, we will provide a channel for them to connect with right financial planners.  

The Vision

We will launch in Austalia first. Based on the statistics, in 2016 there were 1.5million enrolled student in all Australian universities. As in young professionals, there were 1.5milion young adult ageing from 20-24 in Australia in 2016. Even though there is an issue of overlapping, we positively estimate that number in total our potential customer would be approximately 2millions. 

Further expansion will be US, UK and CAN. 

Potentially could collaborate with second-hand sale platform, those proceeds from selling product could go straight into fund management platform with the consent from our clients.   

Mentor Pitch

A student-run platform where empowers Uni student and young professionals to invest their hard earned money through professional, high-quality financial services. Unlike other institution, we provide highly customisable and easy understanding of financial services with a relatively low minimum investment requirement and with relatively high transparency. We are looking for mentor/mentors who could push us to go beyond our limit and interested in our products.