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“What is there to do in Canberra?” – Eventi is answering this question by putting events on a map, allowing users to visually find what they want to do easily and intuitively. See what we’ve built so far at:

The Vision

In the future we would like to see our venture as a platform for organisations to display their events on a map to reach the widest audience possible, and a platform for users to find events visually that aren't limited to their social networks. We want to work with student societies, government and universities like ANU to display their events in an intuitive and simple way. We have already attended an ANU open day and put some of the day's events on a map which is viewable on our site.

Our event map service could be useful for organisations to send a private map of where their future events are to subscribers via email as well as displaying events on a public map for advertising.

Mentor Pitch

As a young person in Canberra, it is often difficult to find things to do and looking at lists of events it is hard to visualise where and when exactly they are.

We are developing a platform to display events visually on a map in a way that is simple and intuitive. If someone wants to find something to do they can filter the map to find what they want to do and can see where things are in relation to their current location. This technology could also be used by organisations to display events within a larger event (e.g. university open day) or if organisations want to tell their members what is happening in the future at a glance on a private event map, such as student societies.

We are a team of IT students with the technical skill to build this and the lived experience of trying to find events who all believe in the potential of this venture.

We are looking for a mentor that can show us how to grow, find customers and give us honest feedback on what we are actually creating. We already have a prototype at <html></html>.

The Customer Experience

We will have a mutual advertisement strategy with our partners to reach our customers, as we both have an interest in reaching potential event attendees. 

Funding Sought

Launching our venture requires funding to pay for server hire, UX designers and some degree of advertising to allow our venture to be sustainable and attract users. 

We don't know exactly how much we  need but will work on that in the future

Our Partners

We are partnering with student societies to give them free access to our site while we are developing and working on it. They have agreed to provide input into how it could be useful to them in exchange for this free early acess

Our Revenue Streams

Our customers are mainly organisations that hold events. They will pay us on a yearly or biannually basis and we provide them with access to the eventi service. This allows them to post events and create custom event maps to send to their members so that their members can view upcoming events on an interactive map. Organisations can also pay one off payments to promote their events.

In some research we have undertaken talking to student society leaders (VP of Griffin, President of Maths, Snowsports and Committee members of numerous societies including engineering society) we have come to the conclusion that student societies do have large budgets in some cases and can spend money on event promotion. We arrived at $20 a semester for the service with event promotion at $1 for a week long promotion for a single event.