Team Members

  • Yuting Sun
  • Ashkan Emamirad

Social Media

CultureX is a platform for knowledge sharing(such as language/culture exchange). For one side, whenever you develop a hobby or want to learn something, you can easily find a expert in that field . For the other side, whatever you are good at, you can get benefit for sharing it.

The Idea

The problem that has been identified is the fact that students at universities are not fully engaged with the materials that are being taught during their course. As a result, the outcome of their course completion will just become useless to creating important values for society. Therefore as one of the solutions, if we could be able to connect students and teachers on an online interactive learning platform so that everyone can be able to be connected and share the needed knowledge at the right time in order to reach a common goal for all students and teachers. 

The Market

One of the most important customers for this solution involves students who have no trust and confidence to rely on their knowledge. This platform can enhance and improve their learning towards their goals. Having said that this interface will also guide everyone towards a direction that can enable them in future to engage with the problems in the world.

For the start of this project, the team CultureX has decided to engage and connect students at UC, CIT, ANU, ACU and UNSW.

The Competition

Currently there are a number of different learning apps and platforms such as Moodle or Wattle sites for universities to connect students and teachers. But the problem with thone interfaces is that students cannot trust or be confident enough to interact.

But our solution provides an interactive environment in which everyone can get connected and share useful knowledge together to improve learning within societies to create a culture that everyone can trust each other.

The Vision

At first this project is emphasised on UC and ANU and if possible other institutions in Canberra. Therefore our idea will be shared through university students and teachers which approximately students could be around 600 and teachers to be around 20. Our venture initially starts to grow and affect the society through education in Canberra and later if successful it can expand throughout Australia and eventually globally.

Mentor Pitch

Our vision is to connect students and teachers to a more interactive and more friendly online platform which can motivate everyone to engage and share knowledge.

Because the problem is that students and teachers do not really have a solid relationship together in order to help them communicate effectively in which that has narrowed their mind to path that cannot help the society.

Our idea can develop a behavioral pattern within our society which can find what needs to be done for future.

The Customer Experience

At first bringing all the customers to an online page on Facebook then once they are aware of this engagement; they will be able to sign up for free on an online interactive learning interface which everyone can connect to share knowledge.

The Team

Our goal is to ensure that ultimately everyone can be able to connect to an online globalised social learning network which can allow everyone to share knowledge and experience so that slowly culture of society can improve towards happened and satisfaction.

We believe that we can bring a large number of students to join an online community so that gradually we can take it to the next step.

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