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Constellect aims to provide a revolutionary solution to English education in early childhood with immersive AR-enhanced English reading materials. By making the learning process easy, enjoyable and affordable, we want to shape a new culture of literacy development in children.

The Idea

Constellect aims to provide a revolutionary solution to English education in early childhood with immersive AR-enhanced English reading materials. Under the guidance of GPA (Growing Participant Approach), we bring personalisation (personalized curriculum and a customized character), interaction (virtual buttons & manipulatable 3D models), and a reward system (a character and a pet/plant that grows along with the user), to the books, to make the learning process easy, enjoyable and affordable. Through all these efforts our goal is to shape a new culture of literacy development in children.

The Market

Our main customers are students and parents. There are many parents encounter difficulties to help their children's literacy, as they are not aware of the right way (e.g: accent). Even though, they could hire a private tutor, which consumes a lot of money. Also, children cannot read for fun if the learning methods are not attractive. Due to these reasons, we will provide reading materials through AR technology that creates an immersive & interactive learning experience, to solve this problem.
We acknowledge that some reasons are still not valid and based on our assumption. Thus, in the next couple of weeks, we will try to analyze the market and get to know about our customer segmentation (especially to find a target age section).

The Competition

The customers' job / the value proposition, in this case, is to pay enough attention to their children and help them make progress. Since they are working most of the time, they have limited time for their children. The easiest solution for them is to buy books and let them read by themselves or hiring a private tutor. However, it is inefficient to leave the books to children alone, and private tutoring is expensive, inflexible and is just a quick fix. 

Our proposed venture will offer an engaging learning process which will be cheaper and flexible to use. We enhance progress and self-development; therefore a more sustainable solution for parents to shape a good reading habit for their children.

The Vision

Our final task in the first 12 months is to complete our first set of storybooks and begin to sell it.

In the second year we will:
1. Finish the second set of books in the first half of the year
2. Implement marketing campaigns, hopefully, manage to get a 3-5 percent of the market.
3. Pay close attention to the progress on AR devices. Get in touch with some potential suppliers.
3-5 yrs:
1. Build long-term corporation with AR device supplier,
2. Expand to other early childhood English learning markets like China and Indonesia.
3. Form a new R&D team in Shanghai that focuses on Asian market (which has the largest demand on early childhood English education), as it is one of the two global centres of AR/VR industry with abundant, high-quality technological resources (the other one is the Silicon Valley).
Become profitable in 5-7 years.

In the future, we also want to be helping to eliminate the inequality in education resources (like refugee children or students in rural areas) worldwide.

Mentor Pitch

The Australian Government is now focusing on STEM education in the curriculum. However, since generally the subjects are relatively difficult to understand, students have not been enjoying learning them. We also see that there are many students who don't have access to learn STEM as well. Considering that students nowadays are digital native, we want to incorporate technology (such as animation and AR) into their education and makes learning more exciting and STEM easier to understand. We believe we can take a step further with this idea as we are a team with broad background and unified vision. To improve our idea, we need insights from someone who has experience in developing AR technology and integrate into educational institutions (or any institutions in general). 

The Customer Experience

First of all, we are planning to interview the potential customers. We want to listen to their (teachers and parents) concern regarding teaching math and English. In addition, we also want to know their expectation and feedback for our venture. Moreover, we will build interactive ads through social media (ex: Facebook) and having a partnership with a local bookstore to promote our product. We want to make sure that we provide understandable information that will influence their decision making to buy our product. After that, if they are interested, they can go to our website to purchase e-booklet or go to the nearest bookstore to buy the physical booklet. Just after they get the booklet, the next step is to download our apps and start to experience the AR technology. The customers' questions, feedback, or complaints can be delivered by calling to the Constellect support center or send it to our official email.

The Team

Being summoned by the shared vision that education plays the most significant role in one's life-long development, we gathered with the same aspiration: to eliminate the inequality in education resources, make knowledge accessible to everyone.

Our skill set has a good coverage on this project. Teng has experience in Chinese k12 education industry and skills in financial planning. Sausan and Bianda are self-motivated young entrepreneurs from Indonesia. Andrew is a charismatic speaker who perfectly fits the position of the public communicator. Bradley and Tiange are very skillful digital artists. All of these make us a unique fit of this project.

Key Resources

We utilise both online and offline channels in form of books and apps to deliver our value propositions to potential customers. To create the books, we need someone with skills in graphic designs and writing, especially in developing a story that includes educational contents. In addition, we also need someone with software engineering background, especially with skills in coding and developing AR technology. We will also create a demo to see how our users will react to it. 

In addition, it will be helpful for us to gain insights from education institutions. Meanwhile, we also need to connect with related suppliers, local book publishers and distributors to market our books and apps. 

Should you have the skill set and want to collaborate with us, we would very much appreciate if you can send us an email to Thank you.

Funding Sought

We need $1200 from the pool to execute our first step - develop the prototype and get feedback from users.

Basically, our plan to spend the money is:

$700 will be spent in developing AR experience. (600 for 3d models & animation, 100 for app development) 

$500 will be spent in printing booklets ($10 each on average, 50 copies in total) 

$1200 will fuel our venture for the incoming 2 months.

Our Partners

We are planning to partner with Game Plus, to get involved in the local developers' communities. In return, this partnership will give Game Plus as well as the teams in that ecosystem an opportunity for promotion & branding. As one of our customer's main sources of information, we will also create a reliable and accessible website. To do this, we are planning to use an existing template provided by website development platforms such as and our own domain. We will pay a monthly subscription fee to run and maintain the website.

We also need to engage with local book printing and publishing companies to produce our booklets. So far, we are still reviewing a few firms as our potential partner, namely Snap Fyshwick and The Book Printing Company. They are located in Canberra and able to produce books in small quantity (as we plan to make 100 books during the following months. Other than financial benefit, the book publishers would gain marketing/branding opportunity, human capital, and social good value from this partnership.

Our Revenue Streams

Our customers are parents who have 3-8 years old children. We will offer apps (AR technology) and physical or e-booklet that make learning activities become easier for the children.  Especially, we will help parents to improve the ability of basic numeracy and vocabulary of their children. What makes us unique is instead of pushing the children to study,  we are hoping that children are willing to learn something without pressure, by bringing personalisation (personalized curriculum and a customized character), interaction (virtual buttons & manipulatable 3D models), and a reward system (a character and a pet/plant that grows along with the user), to the books.

First of all, parents need to download our apps and buy the physical or e-booklet. However, parents and children can try our product by using free trial option (limited access), and if they are interested to accomplish more stages and get rewards, they can pay for the premium one (AUD$20/month). We are selling our physical booklet for about AUD$10/book or AUD$5 for the e-booklet. 

We have interviewed some potential customers, they said that as the children need more and more books at home. It would be great if the books' price is not really expensive so they can re-purchasing our booklet, to enlarge the number of books that can be easily accessed at home.