Team Members

  • John Forbes
  • Jonathon Martin
  • Ted Pettigrove
  • Sebastian Lau


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We enable governments, communities, and others to navigate the population and urbanisation challenges facing humanity.
Our system rapidly produces inexpensive and efficient infrastructure designs to make it easy and cheap for settlements to develop quickly.

The Vision

Following our initial prototype we will look at providing services in the following fields:

GIS feature recognition from aerial and satellite imagery

Localised economic modelling for the estimation of demand changes across industries for traders/investors and other customers

Smart-city integrations

City management dashboard metrics

and others


In general our strategy comprises 3 branches that match our strengths:

1 – Innovative (GIS and other) data collection and analysis services.

2 – Unique insights from data

3 – Optimisation and problem solving solutions


With respect to our core business, we have from the beginning intended to scale and serve the globe.  We will provide our services to any city, town, or other settlement anywhere at anytime.  Once we are capable of producing a design for one settlement our system will be able to transfer to any other location on the planet.  Our initial challenge is finding a smaller scale value proposition that fits with our strategic direction that can provide sufficient revenue to support our longer term development activities.


It is our current intention to start providing services to businesses and government agencies in and around Canberra and once we have demonstrated our capability to move rapidly to both national and international markets.  When moving into international markets we will initially focus on English speaking countries at least until we gain the skills to deal with and support non-English speaking customers.

Mentor Pitch

Our solutions aims to partly address the urbanisation and population challenges facing humanity by employing the latest advances in artificial intelligence technologies.  We use: computer vision to quantify existing demand and ascertain the current state of the world; machine learning to estimate how the world will evolve; and AI search and optimisation techniques to solve the complex problems of the future.

We hope that our system by the easy provision of modern infrastructure services will lift billions out of poverty and help build a sustainable equitable future.

Our team consists of high performing students in computing and engineering who specialise in the fields relevant to our project.  The team leader, has direct experience in large scale infrastructure network design and construction projects.

We want a mentor with passion who has startup experience and is knowledgeable about: AI, infrastructure, government, urban services, and development.

Video pitch