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Team Members

  • Nattapong Jay Luangtongplew
  • Harris Law

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Introducing an efficient, reliable and secure restaurant management system that can enhance customer experience and profitability. Everything is at your fingertip.

The Vision

We would like to expand our business to at least 3~5 restaurants in Canberra in the next 2 years as a form of beta testing and readjustment. After that we would like to reach out to Sydney and Melbourne restaurants.

Our solution is also applicable to pharmacy, carparks and retail stores, which the spending behaviour of the coming future is cashless.

Mentor Pitch

Customers in a crowded restaurant can make a fast order and payment by just scanning the qrcode on the menu (less waiting time, no extra cost).

Restaurant owner can reduce his labouring cost by using our low cost automated system 

Accountant can get those sales data from those owners at ease, and make his work easier (transaction histories can be sent via emails in csv format).

Our team: Jay -- a marketing and finance student. Harris -- graduated from Advanced Computing and have 1.5 years industry experience. Also, we already have a minimum viable product.

Mentor: Anyone who has network with mid-range restaurants or cafes / accountants who work with restaurants and cafes / lawyers who work with accountants and cafes