Team Members

  • Rujing Cui
  • Deng Zhou
  • Wei Xin Fam

Social Media

The Idea

The new designed "Handy Cart" is powered electrically, which has a foldable and fashion design. This project will be popular between the international students and the elderly.

The Market

1.Custormer1: Students. Especially international students who leave along. (either rent a house or leave in unilodge). Their home is far away from the market and do not have a car. 

2.Custormers2: Elderly. Who has a bad health condition and don't use a car very often even they may have a car.

They can both be relaxed when they carry some heavy stuff when going home.

The Competition

They have two choices currently, either just hand-carrying or by a handy cart.

1. When people just hand-carry their shopping bag, they easily get tired and cannot buy a lot at once.

2. When students using a handy cart, they always feel the cart is too heavy to carry on. The old-fashion design always makes them embarrassed.

The Vision

In the future, the venture of our project can be seen everywhere on the road, in the market and everywhere outside. The number of people that use this venture would increase rapidly. People including who has the demand for carrying anything heavy. 

The Customer Experience

The main interaction would be through Facebook and Wechat to constantly update news on the product and relating info. Not only that, at the beginning we would have posters and stall near the university and shopping centre to promote the product. For the sales, ideally, we would survey the area on what platform the customer used more often and make an online account on that platform to sell the product. Not only that, we would open a small scale shop around shopping centres so the customer could buy it on spot. The customers are more than welcome to give feedback through our shop outlets or via our social media.

The Team

We are a group of multi-disciplinary students. We have an engineer, design and IT related student involved in this. In a way, this covers all aspects in terms of the product and we'll be able to create a product that could solve the problem. The greatest assets we have is the fact we are students. We could reach out to universities and such to provide us with some resources. 

Key Resources

We need more data on what problems the people are facing to create a better product for a more successful company. Not only that, we would also require people with industrial design to collaborate with us in building other lifestyle products in the future. We welcome any feedback or any suggestions, please contact us via email:

Funding Sought

The mechanical development would cost =  10000(include material fees)

The design cost= 2000

Business running cost= 5000

total = 17000

Our Partners

We are still looking for good battery suppliers, factory, and other material wholesale. As mentioned, we want to try the quality of different parts before deciding.

Our Revenue Streams

Our customers would be working adults, senior citizens and a minority of students. This is because the product is electronic and mainly acts as a luggage or a companion. The customers could pay a once-off transaction or a recurring payment with no interest within the first few months of the release of the products. Through physical interaction, most people are willing to pay around A$500.