Team Members

  • Tarun Gautam
  • Samir Gautam
  • Manee Sachdeva


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Our team has identified various issues in the online ordering system that the restaurants are currently using. And, our team will be working on resolving those issues which are being encountered by the restaurant owners, Staff/Managers and Public.

Venture Concept Overview

Our business is creating a system to resolve the problem of online ordering by giving the business and customer user flexibility to use the application easily. Our idea is based on the research, the discussion with our customers and general public and the past and present experiences of our team members. Our new system will save our customers time and money with great service to their customers. We have contacted 15 customers out of which 12 have committed to payments and found our idea helpful for their business.

We are the team of motivated people and shares the responsibilities and the duties to help each other to reach to the organisation goal, we are excitedly waiting to be the reason of our customers business growth and resolving their day to day issues. Our idea would be helpful to the society because of its uniqueness which is not in the market yet as per our research and our customers found it useful to grow their business because our system have the uniqueness of having everything on one place which replaces the need of having multiple instruments to deal with the same issue. We are aiming to see our organisation at the international stage in near future and planning to reach to our goal in the time of next 3-4 years. 

At this stage we are putting some more ideas in the application before taking it out to the customers and we are doing this with the help of our team of developer, researchers and accountant. We have some more ideas on our list to add to our project for future development which are planned to put in the application after the completion of the 1st stage. For future development we are planning for more team members to join our organisation. We are expecting to spend approx 20k to 25k in next 1 year, we are seeking $15000 of funding from IACT to spend them on our current developments and other expenses, we are also contacting other investors to invest in our business.

The Idea

Our team has identified
various issues in the online ordering system that the restaurants are currently
using. And, our team will be working on resolving those issues which are being
encountered by the restaurant owners.

The solution will include to
create a dedicated application for the direct and indirect users of the entire
group which is impacted by the issues. It will also enhance the way industry
operates and will also improve upon the costs the businesses bear.

The Market

We are focussing on Restaurant
Owners, Staff/Managers and Public which will be impacted by this solution that
our team is proposing and seeking grant for.

Restaurant owners will be able
to efficiently and effectively use the enhanced online ordering system, which
will also give them the visibility on various key areas that they currently
miss out on or don’t have the leverage to, with their current support groups
that they use.

Restaurant owners are usually
very busy in managing their business/businesses due to their hectic schedule.
They are the ones who wants to check and compare live, weekly, monthly and
yearly performance of their business. Also, wants to better know their customer
traits. From the engagements with the business owners we have gathered that
their major issue is the costs associated with services they are getting from
the third-party vendors. Business owners will also take benefit of growing
their business with our new improved system.

This will also help the staff
and managers to better perform their duties while they can also focus on the
better customer service. Staff wants to better engage with their customers and
their management of the restaurants.

Public will take the advantage of the improved
online system and better engage with businesses in their community. They are regular
and frequent customers of the restaurants, etc. This solution will also help
them to save a lot time and effort while placing orders.

The Competition

Currently our customer
segments are taking advantages of existing online ordering systems. All our targeted
customer segments are leveraging these technologies to simplify their existing
processes of ordering food. Where customers can order through an online system
available to them and the order goes to the restaurants. These competitors are
helping these businesses to take online orders with few major key functionalities
missing which our team has identified to resolve. The restaurant owners are experiencing
unresolved problems with these existing systems in their daily activities.
Therefore, the restaurant owners are unable to reduce their overhead costs and not
completely satisfied with the current systems those have been designed in the

Similarly, for Public, these
existing solutions are not beneficial because they use multiple systems to take
advantage of full service of the industry. We are resolving this issue by
coming up with an efficient system which will help restaurant owners and as
well as the Public.

Our system will provide the opportunity to the Restaurant
owners, Staff/Managers as well as the Public to revitalise the experience of
their use of online ordering system. Also, this will resolve the issues which
are currently experienced by our customer segments.

The Vision

Help connect the customers, business and staff through a streamlined process, improve the management and communication to empower the industry.

We are aiming to employee up to 10-12 employees in future,
the team of employees would be supporting and focusing on areas depending on
their skills and knowledge. In the initial stage, we are targeting Canberra
market and in next 3-4 months we are targeting to expand in other states of
Australia and later international market would be our target.

We are focusing to make our solution a better and useful
option for hospitality industry including restaurants, franchises, non –
franchises and as well as for those businesses who are aiming to grow
effectively and efficiently.

Mentor Pitch

In hospitality industry, lot of small businesses face problems
with current or lack of efficient ordering system that can improve their
efficiencies and management. It is also an issue for the same industry customers
to make an efficient order, especially when time constraints are there for all
the customer segments and inefficiencies like visibility, costs, etc. arise due
to these factors.

We are developing a solution, called Clikeze. Clikeze
simplify engagement between all our customer segments and provide a daily
progress capability to the staff and business owners. Whereas, customer of
these restaurants can get better flexibility and can get enhanced experience of
a versatile system approach.

We have successfully developed a prototype, which is soon to
be launched in few restaurants for testing purpose. We will adapt market by
demonstrating our product to potential customers and get their feedback and testimonials
to gain more clients.

Our team have years of experience working in hospitality and ICT industry, 8
months experience in start-ups and we have committed over 1500 hours towards
our start-up.

We are looking for mentors to help us better pitch and
communicate our product benefits to our potential clients and investors.

The Customer Experience

Our customer segments will interact through number
of online and telephonic channels e.g. Website, social media, cold calls,
emails, Google search, word of mouth, etc.

These customers will get to know about our venture
through various online channels, promotions, etc. Partnering with industry
market will help us to promote our venture to our customers. We will deliver
the prototypes or trial products to these customers so that they can try our
product. These products will be delivered via online methods, app stores or web
app links, etc.

We will get constant feedback from our customers
through emails, surveys, etc. and provide them with more features to try for
their business. To send them weekly newsletters and updates will be a good
method to reach them.

The Team

Our team has developed a first prototype which is
launching shortly for trialling purposes for business customer segments and we
have drafted an execution plan for this venture. Our team is very qualified in
the Information Technology and sector has experience in the hospitality
industry to cater the problem we have identified.

We are backed up by a team of professionals who are
really suited to build this idea into reality. We have good understanding of
our target industry and have good relations with few business customers who are
willing to get on board to trial our product. We have acquired necessary
infrastructure in terms of IT, business domains, etc. which will help us to take
forward this venture ahead.

Our Partners

need skilled web developers, marketing genius and investors to take this
venture to new heights. We also need iOS and Android app developers for the
future refining of our product. For the future of our company, we will require
a team of customer service representatives and technical support staff who can
help our potential customer with their general and technical
inquiries. To
continue build upon our values, we need a great team with valuable experience
and skills in the above written areas. Any interested people who would like to
support our venture in any way can get in touch with us through our email
addresses or contact number.

Funding Sought

Our venture is seeking $15000 for product development and
marketing for our initial launch in the market. We will require additional resources
such as employees for ongoing support for our product and the costs related to
operate such activities would come from our venture income. From IACT and other
partners we require their brand partnership so that people can start trusting
our brand.

Our Partners

We will need partnerships with our industry stakeholders and
business customers. These partners will provide recognition in the market and
in return they will receive all the benefits we have specified in our business

Capturing Value

Our venture will receive reoccurring payments from our
business customers and from other customers we will receive brand appreciation.