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  • Preeti Khare
  • Dominic Nadvillaveetil
  • Audoito Huda

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AusTrail believes in providing a pleasing student experience for all who intend to or are currently studying in Australian Institutes.

The Idea

student education in Australia is a multi-billion dollar industry which is
poised to become the most important contributors to Australia’s economy in the
coming years. This mammoth industry is surprisingly dependent on a large number
of outsourced agents who facilitate admissions for aspiring students into
Australian Educational institutions. Primary pain point for both the students
and their respective institutes arises out of the acute information asymmetry
which is prevalent in the industry.


believes that this information asymmetry which has plagued students from the
world over and forms the basis of our opportunity where we aim to build a comprehensive
hassle-free search tool which will facilitate all information needs for an
aspiring student looking to study in Australia.


The solution
will primarily cater to allow a student to search what they want to study,
where they can do that study and eventually how can they go about securing
their admission. AusTrail aims to positively impact the entire student
on-boarding process and a streamlined and interactive platform for students is
the way to go.

The Market

Customer 1: Educational Institutes

All educational
institutes in Australia who are looking to enrol international students for the
programs/courses they offer.



– Facilitate international
enrollments as a registered agent

– Support initial student
on-boarding process to enrich student experience



– Access to international students from around the world

– Highly expensive to run the
current model



– Access to international
students from around the world

– Un-biased comparative
information delivered to a potential student

– Effective student on-boarding
programs delivered to all new students


Customer 2: International Students

Students who are looking for educational opportunities and related services in



– Comprehensive information

– Accurate and un-biased student

– Relevant information about
living in Australia

– Access to current students from
similar demographics and/or field of study



– Lack of aggregated search
tool which comprehensive information on variety of study options

– Highly biased information
delivered by commission driven in-country educational agents



– Seamless and hassle-free
information delivery in a phase wise manner depending on individual lifecycle

– Access to current students
in targeted universities with similar demographics and field of study

– Opportunities to build and
cultivate long-term professional partnerships. This      
             may be between the host
mentor and the future students

– Guidance and direction
provided at pre-and initial entry to the country


Customer 3:
Current Students

Current Students who are studying in
Australian institutes



– Integrated information
search platform for all student related services

– Post study options

– Access to an Alumni network
with similar demographic



– Not understanding desired requirements
of the students

– Administrative inefficiency to
keep up with student queries and constant portal 


    – Part-time work and volunteer

     – Chance to contribute to the
Alma Mater

The Competition

Current Solution 1:
In-country Agent

An in-country agent acts as a counsellor for aspiring
students, who advises them on potential study options in Australia.
Additionally, they also help with all the necessary paperwork and provide them rudimentary
information regarding studying and post-study options in Australia.

The human interaction combined with a deep understanding of
the local student needs, gives these competitors an edge over the rest of the
available options. On the other hand, there are some severe limitations of this
approach when it comes to information delivery and costs associated. High
reliance on a person based counsellor gives rise to information asymmetry in
the sector as all these agents are driven by commissions offered by various

Current Solution 2:
Direct recruitment for institutions

In this solution, a student can directly contact the
university through emails/website and secure their admission for themselves. In
such cases information search is generally dependent on the respective
institution level websites and marketing material.

This approach even though existent in the market for long is
not the most effective route preferred by students due to the limited search
and compare options.

Our Differentiator:

Through our solution, we aim to match a candidate to the
right institute based solely on their merit and search priorities and
independent of any commission driven motives. Additionally, we would provide
accurate and relevant information regarding studying in respective Australian
institutes and assist them with initial acclimatisation in Australia.

The Vision

AusTrail as a concept was born global with a heavy reliance on exporting the services which are on offer. The idea once materialised would be ready and capable of reaching out to anyone in any around the world who intends to study in a country of their choice. Thus, AusTrail as a concept can be extrapolated to a higher level where the target destinations are not just limited to Australia but to any country which would be interested in having an overseas student.

The end in mind for AusTrail is to have an eco-system where students from around the world use this portal as their primary platform to engage/request any service during their entire life-cycle as a student in Australia. This later is to be adapted and replicated in other countries which prove to be viable foreign destinations for the majority of the students from across the world.

Our solution is envisioned to revolutionise how international students are delivered information and services during their stay in Australia. Our focus is to become the preferred portal which allows students to avail numerous services through our platform and hence gradually we intend to offer online legal services, post-study employments opportunities, migration services, volunteer and paid employment opportunities while studying and much more.

Mentor Pitch

Mentoring is a Brain to pick an Ear to listen and a Push in the Right direction.

        John C. Crosby

For far long, international students who wish to study in Australia have struggled with the lack of information and poor and inefficient management of their entire admission process. The scene further deteriorates once these misinformed students arrive in the country with false expectations and no clear guidance.

Every stakeholder in this multi-billion dollar industry is struggling to rectify this information asymmetry and assist in a smooth and hassle-free on-boarding and acclimatisation process for international students into Australia.

As international students ourselves we believe this problem is indeed an opportunity to redefine the entire international student education industry. Our solution aims to provide an unbiased, user-friendly and informative solution to not just the aspiring students but also to educational institutions who wish to have them. We intend to extend the solution to cater to the entire lifecycle of student onboarding to post-study and thus eventually becoming the primary information guide for every student studying in Australia irrespective of their country of origin. 

Our team has a diverse mix of multi-talented international students (current and graduate) who have been through this lifecycle and experienced the in-efficiency of the system. We at AusTrail believe that amazing things do not just happen; they are made with efforts put in the direction. We are a positive bunch here and are looking for a mentor who could guide us to concentrate our efforts in the right direction. For us the journey did not start with the competition and will not end with the competition; we are in this for AusTrail to become a reality.

The Customer Experience

AusTrail uses its online portal as the primary customer interaction tool to deliver information and services to its end user. Customers for AusTrail interact with the online portal which will be designed for a smooth life-cycle based user experience.

User journeys are captured through the portal and customised solutions are delivered through it to ensure superior customer experience.



The Team

Team AusTrail is equipped with all the skills required to develop the product and make it into a reality. Skills related to product development and design are embedded in the team through years of professional experience in doing the same and also first-hand experience of user journeys.

The team also has rich experience in the international student industry and has existing relations with key customer segments. The team has successfully validated its idea with multiple stakeholders from the industry. Another highlight for the team has been the on-boarding of their mentor who is a renowned champion in the field and has opened a lot of doors for the AusTrail team.



Our Partners

Team AusTrail is fortunate enough to have a number of critical skills which are present in house. These skills are critical to build and maintain the described product. The team currently possesses skills like Web Development, Graphic design, Social Media Marketing, and Project Management.

The skills which will be further required would be Content generation, Database administration and Business Development.

The team is already in contact with multiple resources who could offer these mentioned skills and is hoping to make progress on them soon.