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We want the young people (under 30 years old) of Southeast Asia to be able to … Continue reading Voice of Southeast Asia


Creating a story-based video game that shows the realities of living with autism, with the aim … Continue reading SoloQuester


Canberra Circle is an online platform to provide valuable information to international students or others from … Continue reading Goforit


Reflecting a growing interest in wellbeing, 1/4 of students enrolled in Yale’s Happiness course 2018. Team … Continue reading Team Super


Food wastage is an emerging issue especially it can be seen on ressies. SharePantry aims to … Continue reading SharePantry


(v2.0)Orenda works with organisations, local cafes and manufacturers to support the switch to reusable cups and … Continue reading Orenda


The Problem: Supermarkets have vague labelling that makes it difficult for consumers to make sustainable choices. … Continue reading SourceMe


We are empowering individuals with ownership and confidentiality¬†over their data. We are making data more accessible … Continue reading OMNIA protocol


A 24/7 unconventional vending technology aims for a better on-campus experience. Prepacked meals are ready to … Continue reading Weywo


WANI wants to create a platform to share unwanted-anymore food or groceries and also locate people … Continue reading WANI


We are working to bring real time electricity pricing to consumers, in order to reduce energy … Continue reading Direct Energy


Constellect aims to create a revolutionary learning experience for students by using Augmented Reality (AR) to … Continue reading Constellect


We aim to improve balance in people with severe balance impairments to reduce falls and increase … Continue reading Equilibria


How can startups and small businesses make intelligent business decisions with limited resources? We will answer … Continue reading Infro


Permie Planner is a web app that will make planning and maintaining a sustainable, productive, low … Continue reading Permie Planner


Dealiva is an app that lets customers find groceries for their daily needs in local stores … Continue reading Apportunists


Our idea is focused on cutting out the hassle, time and effort for university students purchasing … Continue reading The Lords


Giving community, athletes and businesses the best connectivity imaginable to achieve their goals together.


“What is there to do in Canberra?” – Eventi is answering this question by putting events … Continue reading


Pangaroo is a P2P Q&A platform. Users here can post their questions to others, and get … Continue reading Pangaroo


At, we are reinventing the urban development process by using AI technologies to design cities/suburbs. … Continue reading