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Please note that registrations for IACT19 have now closed and no further additions can be made to teams.

If you’re taking in part in IACT19, but are still looking for a team or additional team members, submit a Team Hunt profile.

IACT19 Team Hunt profiles will be added here once approved, so check back regularly to see if there is anyone that matches your interests and complements your skills.

Other ways to find team members:

  • Come along to our Team Hunt event on 6th August
  • Meet other participants at the IACT19 Launch Night event on 13th August
  • Post in the IACT Community Facebook group with a little more about yourself/your project and what you’re looking in a team
  • Seek out people/skills you need through other ANU networks, e.g. student societies, ANU Facebook groups, etc.

Good luck, and happy hunting!

Team Hunt profiles

Mak Zhang

What I'm passionate about: Lack of Financial education in Australia, particularly around investments other than real estate. Student employment, while in high school I found it difficult to find a part time job and coming from that environment made me realise how important a job/work experience can be to a young person’s self esteem and sense of self worth. By participating in InnovationACT I hope to find a co-founder/team member with a technical background to help me realise my ideas.

What can I bring to a team: I am a young, passionate thrill-seeker, hungry for anything entrepreneurial & active in the global startup scene, as a second year Commerce student at ANU majoring in Finance. I'm particularly interested in the burgeoning economies of Asia and in particular China, hence the reason I’ve decided to minor in Chinese & Marketing as part of my degree.I hope to help anyone with an idea to incorporate Asia into part of their marketing strategy as well as teach them more about in finance, investing, options, stocks bonds and derivatives while increasing my own knowledge of startup financing along with the way 🙂

What I'm looking for in a team
: Technical skills-software/web development or anyone like-minded or with similar interests in the areas of Finance, investing, tech. I love to meet awesome, like-minded individuals so if you want to hit me up for a coffee, just message me Facebook or Medium where I try and (fail) to write about stocks and investing facebook.com/mz3874, link.medium.com/XmibL0g0zY.

Saritha Balram

What I'm passionate about: I am passionate about solving an issue faced by millions in the world. Blindness! Over the years, scientists have been trying to create an artificial solution but with not much an impact as the cochlear implant. I want to create the prototype for a whole artificial retinal implant to help the people with recently acquired blindness due to retinal disorders, incorporating the current advances in technology and artificial eye research.

What can I bring to a team: I am a medical professional with 10 years of experience and training in Opthalmology. Currently, I am doing Master of Neuroscience and aiming to be a neuroscientist.

What I'm looking for in a team
: I wish to have an interdisciplinary team who have experience/knowledge of biomaterials, photovoltaics, nanotechnology, fractal electronics and machine learning. You can call/contact me on WhatsApp 0497287109 or email me at u6719520@anu.edu.au. I am happy to meet up and brainstorm some great ideas.

Anne Marie Collins

What I'm passionate about: Alcohol and Drug and other psychosocial issues. Establishing a residential program for restoration based on Natural Rest for addictions and power threat meaning framework.

What can I bring to a team: Registered psychologist and law graduate completing ppl.

What I'm looking for in a team
: Therapeutic/business/marketing Financial

Ashish Adi

What I'm passionate about: Plastics are one of the social issues I am keen to solve. Bio-plastic should be a major opportunity. There should be a huge demand for this commodity. I'd like to address this by making plastic that is biodegradable for a cheaper price.

What can I bring to a team: Project management skills and networking abilities.

What I'm looking for in a team
: People with a biology background and who could do research on this.

Rina Som

What I'm passionate about: Food. There is more production, but there is still hunger. I would like to address this with a food bank app and website that can connect the community to give away food and we have a team to collect.

What can I bring to a team: Marketing, branding, social media knowledge, research skills (quantitative).

What I'm looking for in a team
: App developer, website developer, stock controller, a place to stock food, knowledge to keep food lasting longer.

Advaith Sivakumar

What I'm passionate about: Energy usage and consumption is a major issue globally. We are looking forward to brainstorming projects that focus on improving the overall usage of energy.

What can I bring to a team: I'm a Mechatronics engineer with a fair knowledge of Electronics as well.

What I'm looking for in a team
: We are looking for passionate students who wish to address the energy issues innovatively.

Marc Torra

What I'm passionate about: Sustainability. The problem is lack of sustainability of rural electrification in South countries. We are creating an open source app and SaaS to increase the technical, institutional, financial, social and environmental sustainability of distributed electrification. The tool is designed to help renewable energy service companies (RESCOs) supply the electrification service and facilitate stakeholder's coordination. Our solution is called Resco.io

What can I bring to a team: Twenty years experience as international consultant designing, implementing and evaluating renewable energy projects in South countries. Currently studying a PhD at Crawford aimed at developing an indicator-based sustainability screening tool for off-grid rural electrification.

What I'm looking for in a team
: We are currently a team of four, with members in Canberra, Barcelona and Jujuy (Argentina). We need someone with User Experience (UX) Design. We are developing the front-end in Vue.js, using our own full-stack framework, based on fractal logic. We plan to have a minimum viable product ready by early next year.

Katie Sun

What I'm passionate about: Many companies prefer employees with work experience, which make it difficult for university students who have lots of ideas but lack of work experience to look for job opportunities. In fact, students with great potential could help companies build a positive and dynamic culture at work, especially beneficial to those who looking for innovation and disruption. I want to increase internship opportunities for students by helping employers realize the benefits of having internship program. This can be solved by changing the mindset of the employers and facilitate a culture where more internships can be provided.

What can I bring to a team: I will be good at networking with companies and getting more opportunities for students. I am good at delivering inspiring presentations and I enjoy identifying the root cause.

What I'm looking for in a team
: I am looking for team members who have experience in marketing and would like to do more research with me to identify the students' demand.

Neeti Chauhan

What I'm passionate about: I am passionate about ensuring worker welfare at Australian and global workplaces, with special focus on vulnerable workers. In spite of several regulations like Modern Slavery Act 2018, Fair Work Commission, etc., we keep hearing/reading about the violations of applicable laws by employers leading to workers' exploitation. How can we prevent such occurrences? Are these violations intentional or accidental? I aim to brainstorm innovative methods to detect and prevent the findings of such non-compliance and contribute to the development of robust compliance programs for sustainable and ethical workplaces.

What can I bring to a team: I have functional expertise in the area of labour compliance with over a decade of experience, and necessary know-how and qualifications. I am also a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional by Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics, USA. I am good at networking and having discussions with the highest levels in any organisation. I am currently an MPhil student at ANU.

What I'm looking for in a team
: I am looking for 1-2 team members who share a similar passion and commitment for worker welfare. Key requirements are: prior consulting experience, knowledge of labour practices, IT systems development expertise, and good networking skills (existing network would be a great plus). I can be reached at u1057013@anu.edu.au

Gonzalo Collarte

What I'm passionate about: International postgraduate students in Australia hold great education and years of skilled experience, but yet it is often very difficult for them to find jobs relevant to their skill. I think there is an opportunity here. I have the idea partially developed.

What can I bring to a team: I'm a marketing specialist, this is my last semester of a Master of Communications at UC. I love marketing communications from the creative/audiovisual perspective and the strategic side. I was an IACT committee member last year, so I know how the program works, and this time around I'm looking to learn and do all the activities to further develop my entrepreneurial idea.

What I'm looking for in a team
: I was late for the team hunting events, I'd be happy to form a team to develop my idea, or join a team with an interesting project that needs a marketing guy.
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/collartegonzalo/
Web: https://gonzalocollarte.com/ (haven't updated this in a while)

Jessica Fenech

What I'm passionate about: Education. The most common age group for children in jail or remand is 10-12. Commonly because they believe this is the only path. I want to build an education platform that givens children aged 8-18 knowledge about there legal rights.

What can I bring to a team: Legal professional and well as international experience building legal education programs.

What I'm looking for in a team
: Passion for access to justice and education and/or marketing background

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