IACT20 Wildcard EOI

Keen to participate, but not an ANU student? Apply for a Wildcard entry.

We have a limited number of Wildcard entries available for external individuals so that you too can benefit from the IACT resources and community. To apply for a Wildcard entry, complete the below expression of interest form.

Wildcard eligibility:

  • Wildcard applicants do not need to be students and/or affiliated with ANU
  • Wildcard applications must be received by 11:59pm 21/08/20
  • Successful Wildcard applicants will be notified by 22/08/20
  • Wildcard participants may join any IACT20 team, with a limit of one Wildcard entry per team

If you are a current ANU student, you don’t need to apply for a Wildcard entry – you can go proceed straight to registering your team here