• Mentors

    Supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs


Mentors are a key part of the IACT program and they help shape the next generation of entrepreneurs by sharing their own knowledge and experiences.

Mentor an IACT Team to:

  • Give back to the local startup community.
  • Develop your own skills by teaching others.
  • Network with other members of the IACT community, including other IACT mentors.
  • Get first look of innovative new ventures, investment opportunities and talented young entrepreneurs.


What is the time commitment expected of mentors?

We recommend setting aside one hour per week, for the duration of the program, to connect with teams, whether this be via email or face-to-face meetings.

How much experience do I need to become a mentor?

The experience level of mentors can vary and we can match teams up based on your level of experience. Mentors will ideally have had some experience working in or with startups or have expertise in the field of innovation or entrepreneurship, but we are really just looking for mentors who can guide teams towards the right questions.

How will I be matched up to a team?

Once you have been registered as a mentor, come along to our Mentor Matching event in September, where you can meet teams via a speed-dating session. If you cannot attend the Mentor Matching event, we can also provide you with a selection of team profiles for you to choose from.

Become a Mentor

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