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Hospitality industry businesses face many challenges with staff performance, remote management and employee accountability. StakTask seeks to alleviate issues around how tasks are completed and a Managers’ ability to monitor store progress when they are off site.

StakTask, the world’s first workplace game, helps simplify and automate task management, therefore giving back more time to business owners. StakTask decreases paperwork used, saves labour costs, aids training for new employees, increases staff accountability and improves day to day operations and safety standards.  

The StakTask prototype, currently  being used  in four Canberra based Subway stores, has helped ensure completion of store tasks. Managers have been able to better communicate with staff and business owners are able to manage their businesses remotely. Improving operational task efficiencies allows managers to reduce roster costs.

StakTask currently has two paying and two trial customers with 70+ users who have performed more than 50,000 duties using our prototype. We have collected testimonials (listed) and successfully established five partnerships to help us gain more customers.

We are a company which originated and grew in the ACT, supported by Entry29, CBRIN and Griffin Accelerator. We have  contributed over 7,000 hours of work and we have combined 9 years in the QSR industry, solid IT training and experience and previous start-up contributions. Our vision is to improve communication and management through gamification. Our expertise enables us to research, plan, communicate, design and sell our product.

Our business model is subscription based. We are currently charging $39.95 and will be charging $59.95 for the first fully featured StakTask model. Although StakTask is capable of serving other industries, the QSR industry is our primary target. Full service restaurants, Cafes, Bars and Clubs are our secondary target.

A QSR franchise like Subway with similar standards and procedures will readily be able to adopt StakTask and testimonials from these stores will further strengthen our sales pitch and increase the chance of product adoption for new franchisees.

Our team conducted three months long market research in which we reviewed 1650 QSR employees reviews, 12 focus groups, and identified, 500+ problems. We consulted with Stir to improve our prototype, developed marketing videos (listed), uploaded the StakTask app to App Store, launched new website, and established strong branding on social media. StakTask was mentioned in Canberra Entrepreneur magazine.

During the iACT program, we have refined our business plan, got new mentor who will assist us in connecting us to approximately another 6 customers, redeveloped our pricing model and contacted to new customer segments.   

Our immediate plans are to get 20-30 paying customers, contact 30 Canberra based franchises (consists of 150 businesses), product development – built a premium version of StakTask according to the feedback we have received from our existing customers.

StakOne seeks $15,000 grant investment from iACT for StakTask to be spent on development (listed) which will give value to business owners, managers, staff and customers. With this financial support help we can better  build, market and distribute the premiere task management application for the hospitality industry.