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ReJoyce Australia is a social venture that seeks to positively impact society by connecting communities to performers. Most of us know someone who feels lonely or despondent in our society. This is especially true of people in nursing homes and retirement villages. At the same time, many skilled performers struggle to find adequate space to rehearse and an audience for test-marketing. ReJoyce will bring these groups together in order to nurture mutually beneficial relationships and exploit the underutilised resources, where performers gain experience rehearsing and members of our community will feel cheered up and festive. Also, families and friends of these members will be reassured knowing that their loved ones are in high spirits.

Performers and community venues each pay an annual membership fee of $50 and upload their profiles on ReJoyce’s website. The performers can create profiles on the platform, provide links to their demos and specify fees per rehearsal in exchange for providing community service to the venue. The venues can specify criteria such as budget per rehearsal to match with performers in order to book a rehearsal.

Start-up costs include marketing and promotions, website development and maintenance, intellectual property registration, staff wages, memberships of various music affiliations, and public liability insurance.

Main revenue streams include annual membership fees of performers and venues, commission from show booking, grants and donations, and fund-raising events (occurring every two months).

ReJoyce has engaged 6 nursing homes and 14 bands with very positive reception. A jazz band has provided a rehearsal on October 1st. The video footage from the show, and the knowledge gained from this event has helped ReJoyce engage with more venues and bands around Canberra. Currently, a Facebook page and YouTube channel have been set up with the first demo uploaded and the official website being developed. In addition, a philanthropist has expressed interest in investing in ReJoyce.

ReJoyce’s vision is to return joy and hope to the lives of disconnected community members through music and performing arts. ReJoyce aims to register 25 bands and 20 venues in order to book 120 shows within 12 months. The long term strategy is to expand its appeal by broadening the variety of performances to include comedy, magic, and acting, as well as extending the available venues to prisons, hospitals, rehabilitation centres and low-budget social events. Moreover, this venture will expand Australia-wide within the first 3 years, with scope to develop internationally.

ReJoyce has a multi-disciplinary team, where Mehmood is experienced in IT and business start-ups. Makayla has experience in music performance and owns a record label. Hao worked in various industries and specialises in business development and communications. Amber has experience in management and social event organisation. ReJoycealso has connections to musicians and student societies which organises events with performances.

Funding from IACT will allow ReJoyce to expand its operations through broadening the scope of performers and variety of venues, and manage more fundraising events, enabling us to maximise our impact upon the local communities.