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Ghostbolt Games is an independent video games company based out of the Games Plus co-working space in Watson, Canberra. We are a small agile team seeking to break into a global multibillion-dollar industry. We will be using our 22 years of collective experience making games to create new and interesting games that are fundamentally different from the norm in order to give our customers a chance to enjoy themselves.

As we are a small team of 4, having two programmers and two artists, we have low running costs compared to several other independent games studios and as such, a smaller amount of money will get us further than it would other companies enabling us to take risks with the games we make. We are also using the ability to experiment to our advantage in creating games in order to breathe new life into genres that have become stale with repetitiveness.

As a team, we are already working together full time on our maiden title “Scrapper” which we feel is in line with our vision.

Scrapper is a fast paced, space game based around the idea of being a single pilot flying through treacherous environments to keep valuables that you have scavenged and stolen along the way. Our main point of difference for scrapper is the free roaming inside the game which allows the player to go literally any direction they wish to go and still be able to complete the levels and mission objectives in any fashion that they choose.

During our participation of GAMMACON in mid September, we found that having the local audience play the game, we were given a good amount of feedback with which to improve our game. We also learned that the theme of “going where you want” appeals to fans of SCI-FI settings including Star Wars or Star Trek who want the feeling of being an ace pilot in a dangerous situation. We also found that our game particularly resonates with children who played the most out of everyone.

Gammacon allowed us to begin the process of developing a community of fans. We have started to develop a mailing list so that we can promote the latest version of the game before release. The mailing list have been given access to the latest version of the game so that they can keep playing and provide the team with feedback. This allows us to have a line of communication with the consumers and receive their feedback, making them feel like they are part of the development cycle which enables us to produce a better game that they want.

Our social media pushes in recent months have gained us a small following that we can interact with.

Together, in an attempt to gain as much success as possible for our venture, will be selling our game through several online distribution channels. These include Steam, which holds 70% of the global downloadable PC market. This allows us to sell our products internationally while still staying local in Canberra. We are also taking our games into as many competitions and trade shows as possible in 2017, including GAMMACON, Pax Aus 2017 and Pax West in Seattle, giving us the chance to show our game to the international gaming community, ahead and after our early 2017 release date.

The funding received from IACT will enable us to properly set up our business as it applies to legal costs, hardware, software and marketing costs that are integral to making Ghostbolt Games a success.