Mentor matching

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”

Mentors are a huge part of every entrepreneur’s journey, which is why we’ve built it into the InnovationACT program. We have an incredible network of individuals, from a range of disciplines, sectors, and experience levels, ready to help guide you through this next stage of your ventures.

IACT19 mentor matching

If your team would like to be considered for a mentor for IACT19, here’s what happens next:

  1. Complete the Mentor Matching form (Challenge 03). Complete the form here by 5pm, 26th August.
  2. Register for Mentor Matching event. Make sure each team member attending registers here.
  3. Keep working on your mentor pitch. Use Toolkit 07 to develop your pitch for a mentor.
  4. Attend the Mentor Matching event. This event on 27th August will consist of many speed-networking rounds where teams will have only a few minutes to pitch to each mentor present on the night. At the end of the evening, both teams and mentors will be asked to submit preferences on which teams/mentors they would be interested in working with. If you can’t attend this event, mentors may select you based on your responses in the Mentor Matching form.
  5. Connect with your Primary Mentor. The IACT Committee will work behind the scenes to match you up with an appropriate Primary Mentor. Once we have found a match for your team, we will introduce you to your mentor via email. It is then up to you to follow up with your mentor to organise your first meeting. 
  6. Seek out Secondary Mentors. We also encourage teams to seek out additional guidance and perspectives through Secondary Mentors. Once Primary mentors have been matched, teams can then seek out Secondary Mentors via IACT19’s exclusive mentor network on the OK RDY platform (download the app on Apple or Android). Matches are made via the platform, based on mutual matches (i.e. where both the team and the mentor agree to connect). Read the guide here for information on how to access and use the platform.
  7. Keep engaging with your mentors!!

Frequently asked questions about mentor matching

Mentors are here to act as a sounding board for your ideas, to offer you different perspectives and opinions, share their own insights and experiences, and to prompt you with questions and guidance to help you along your journey. Please note, they are NOT here to give you all your answers, provide a business service to you or write your pitch/business model for you!

Teams will be matched up with Primary Mentors by the IACT Committee, based upon preferences submitted by teams and mentors following the Mentor Matching event on 27th August.

Once Primary Matches have been completed, teams can seek out Secondary Mentors via IACT19’s mentor network using the IACT’s exclusive mentoring channel the OK RDY platform. Matches are made via the platform, based on mutual matches (i.e. where both the team and the mentor agree to connect). Read the guide here for information on how to access and use the platform.

It’s up to you and your mentor to decide how often you’d like to meet up, but we generally recommend at least one form of contact with your mentor (e.g. face-to-face meeting, phone call, email, etc.) per week over the course of the IACT19 program.

Get in touch with us at and let us know. If required, we can assign a new mentor to you, or you can also seek out additional mentors via the OK RDY platform.

The IACT mentor network is made up of individuals from a range of different industries, background and experiences, including founders of local startups, business consultants who support startups, etc.

Mentor profiles will be made available on the IACT website on 27th August prior to the Mentor Matching event, and a copy will also be provided to teams at the event. Check back here soon!

Once the IACT19 program is over, it is between you and your mentor to decide whether or not you wish to continue the mentor relationship.