InnovationACT 2020 Top 10: Prepare for Pitch Night

It is with great excitement that we bring you our Top 10 teams of IACT20.

After two months of virtual workshops, events, and challenges, whilst interrogating customers, tweaking MVPs and receiving tough mentoring advice, these teams have vigorously developed and refined their start-ups. They have grown from their very early stages, to now becoming tangible and innovative ventures. Now, the time has come for them to pitch these ideas.

With nerves and excitement, the teams are now working hard to perfect their ultimate five-minute pitch. These ten student teams from The Australian National University will be presented to the judges next Tuesday 13th October at IACT20 Pitch Night, an event which is open and welcome to the public. Winning teams will receive a portion of the $50,000 grant pool, a sum which will assist in furthering their entrepreneurial journeys.

And now, it is with enormous pleasure that we introduce our Top 10 and their ventures. We have also included our favourite quote of theirs, to reflect the drive and personality at play behind each of the teams.

Bilingual Schools Australia

Developing programmes to achieve bilingualism for all.

Team members: Cris Wright, Mingying Li

“We are excited to have made it so far, so even if we don’t win the competition, we have already won so much.”


Establishing transportable schools in Malawi.

Team members: Jessica Li, Effie Li

“The IACT program has enabled us to develop an idea in a holistic fashion. There is always something more to consider even if you think your plan is comprehensive.”


Delivering smart monitoring services to the railway track companies across the world.

Team members: Linda Yao, Mingyuan Gao, Bowen Wang

“At first we didn’t think a general manager at the railway would answer our request. So when [we found out] he actually wants to talk with us, I was so surprised… I’d never expect that they would have a real discussion about our idea.”  

House of Words

An online platform for multilingual writers and language students.

Team members: Rucha Tathavadkar, Heba Bou Orm, Charlotte Chen

“I’d say IACT was a maybe little bit intimidating the first time, especially being put into breakout rooms and then having people pop in out of nowhere and listen to your conversations. But that’s been really helpful and has helped to build our confidence.”

Pet Pawfect

Creating reliable, affordable and flexible pet-training and health services for pet-parents.

Team members: Bernice Choi, Michelle Lee, Prachi Arya, Rahul Muwal.

“The IACT program has become a life-changing event for us. Besides an opportunity to learn entrepreneurial skills, we have become invested in our venture where it has become one of the top three priorities of our lives.”


Developing a reusable container logistics network, eliminating the global impact of single-use packaging.

Team members: Juliette Brown, Alexandra Nancarrow, Xinmei Liu, Prateek Aranha, Aobo Song

“I often come up with a fair few ideas, so bringing this to life and working with people to do that has been so enjoyable.”


Developing an app-based aircraft boarding system for airlines and their passengers.

Team members: Marcus Simmonds, Adi Vemireddy

“We both really believe in this idea and want to get it off the ground. So we hope to use the mentors and the networks that IACT has, to connect us with customers and other infrastructure to help us get there.”

Sway Aquaculture

Farming methane-reducing seaweed for dairy cattle.

Team members: Brandon Hargraves, Ehsan Rafiei

“IACT is a good motivator. It provides structure to the questions you should be asking yourself.”

Sweet and Sour

Developing a creative publication about being Asian in Australia.

Team members: Sydney Farey, Eleanor Hsu, Melodie Liu, Yvonne Yong, Chetan Kharbanda

“It’s important being able to have this area to have conversations regarding our culture and our experiences, especially that we can explore in a creative manner.”

To the Left

Developing a one-stop destination to buy a variety of sustainable fashion products.

Team members: Marshall Clifton, Tianhui Lu, Siri Pingali

“We know there’s a long road ahead, but IACT has helped us find our path and has helped map out the path, crystal clear.”

Make sure you come along to (virtually!) support our teams on Tuesday 13th October for Pitch Night, as they put up their best efforts to impress the judges and seek part of the $50,000 prize pool. The countdown is on!