InnovationACT 2020: Pitch Night recap

Ten brave student teams took to the virtual stage last night, to pitch their ventures at InnovationACT 2020 Pitch Night.

Pitch Night was the culmination of all the hard work these entrepreneurial teams from The Australian National University have put in over the past two months through their participation in this year’s InnovationACT program.

Our top ten teams each had five minutes to pitch their ventures, followed by five minutes of grilling from our judging panel, which was made up of representatives from the Canberra innovation ecosystem: Anna Pino (Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre), Cindy Mitchell (Mill House Ventures), and Petr Adamek (Canberra Innovation Network).

The teams were also pitching to a virtual audience of supporters and other interested members of the community. In case you missed it, you can still view the recordings of each of the pitches:


Developing a reusable container logistics network, eliminating the global impact of single-use packaging.

Team members: Juliette Brown, Alexandra Nancarrow, Xinmei Liu, Prateek Aranha, Aobo Song

House of Words

An online platform for multilingual writers and language students.

Team members: Rucha Tathavadkar, Heba Bou Orm, Charlotte Chen

To the Left

Developing a one-stop destination to buy a variety of sustainable fashion products.

Team members: Marshall Clifton, Tianhui Lu, Siri Pingali


Establishing transportable schools in Malawi.

Team members: Jessica Li, Effie Li

Sway Aquaculture

Farming methane-reducing seaweed for dairy cattle.

Team members: Brandon Hargraves, Ehsan Rafiei

Bilingual Schools Australia

Developing programmes to achieve bilingualism for all.

Team members: Cris Wright, Mingying Li


Delivering smart monitoring services to the railway track companies across the world.

Team members: Linda Yao, Mingyuan Gao, Bowen Wang

Pet Pawfect

Creating reliable, affordable and flexible pet-training and health services for pet-parents.

Team members: Bernice Choi, Michelle Lee, Prachi Arya, Rahul Muwal.


Developing an app-based aircraft boarding system for airlines and their passengers.

Team members: Marcus Simmonds, Adi Vemireddy

Sweet and Sour

Developing a creative publication about being Asian in Australia.

Team members: Sydney Farey, Eleanor Hsu, Melodie Liu, Yvonne Yong, Chetan Kharbanda

Congratulations to all our pitching teams. Make sure to check out all their pitches, and we encourage you to get in touch with teams directly using the links provided above, to show your support, provide them with feedback, or if you’d like to be a potential partner or customer!

We at InnovationACT would like to take this opportunity to thank the community that makes our program possible each year. InnovationACT is a proud initiative of The Australian National University. We’d especially like to thank Major Partners, Canberra Innovation Network, as well as our other Partner organisations, Tailored Accounts, Griffin Legal, Futuretheory, Re:Start Innovation, and Mill House Ventures. Thank you also to the IACT Committee, the IACT Collective, our mentors, judges, and of course, to all the InnovationACT participants.

Grant recipients, as well as winners of other startup support prizes offered by our Partner organisations, will be announced this Saturday at our virtual InnovationACT 2020 Awards Night.