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    Meet the team behind IACT18

by IACT Crew
23rd August, 2018

Allow us to introduce you to the bright and bubbly bunch behind-the-scenes of the 2018 InnovationACT (IACT) program.

Each year, a group of dedicated professionals, students and members of the Canberra innovation community, collaborate to ensure our program runs smoothly and reaches its objective: fostering entrepreneurship.

The IACT18 Committee is made up by the Program Manager, Facilitators, and student Officers, and are supported by various other groups of volunteers who give their time to the program.

More than networking, getting to know the team can be a tactical move for IACT participants. Seeking advice from the right person may unlock the knowledge and resources necessary to make their venture a reality.

Vicki Stanley Program Manager — Vicki has been Program Manager of InnovationACT since 2014. She works within The Australian National University’s (ANU) Technology Transfer Office, and the other part of her day job is spent helping researchers commercialise their technologies. Vicki’s background is in marketing and communications, has supported many startups and has extensive networks within universities.

Jayden Castillo Facilitator — Jayden comes from a science background and so is a passionate advocate for the practice of evidence-based business. Through his work at Accenture, Jayden has experience in design-thinking, lean and agile delivery, as well as a breadth of knowledge in innovation process and programs.

Chris Hind Facilitator — Since Chris first got involved with the program, four years ago, he has gone from participant to facilitator. He has founded and worked for a variety of Canberra startups, spent time as a community manager at Entry29, and teaches entrepreneurship at ANU. Chris looks to apply his background in law and government to assist new ventures.

Irene Zhen Facilitator— With a background in design-thinking, agile and lean startups, Irene is passionate about creating, and empowering others to create, high-impact and high-growth startups. She is particularly interested in businesses with an e-commerce and digital marketing flavour.

Charlie Qin Program Officer — Charlie is a third-year economics student at ANU with a strong interest in management consulting. Feel free to approach him about your business strategy! Charlie is happy to help with pricing, consumer outreach and cost mitigation.

William Yang Program Officer — William has lived in Shanghai and Singapore, gaining many connections in China, Southeast Asia and Australia, along the way. Currently, he is a Masters student at ANU and runs a small venture capital fund focusing on transformation of traditional industries. Having been involved in many projects across various fields, he considers himself a serial entrepreneur.

Amannda Huot Program Officer — Amannda is a second year Industrial Design student at The University of Canberra. Earlier this year, she travelled to Silicon Valley in Palo Alto to learn about design-thinking strategies and entrepreneurial skills. Amannda is knowledgeable about current business trends and feels passionately about the process of conceiving an idea and seeing it through to its production.

Jaimie McCaw Design Officer — Jaimie is a graphic design student at CIT and our very own in-house designer. She has a Diploma in International studies from UC and experience working in Hospitality and venue management. Jaimie is an entrepreneur herself, having authored, self-published and commercialised a fantasy comic.

Gonzalo Collarte Communications Officer — Gonzalo is a bilingual marketing and communications specialist with over 9 years of experience in branding, CRM, customer loyalty, project management, events and advertising. He is skilled in design tools (Adobe CC), video editing (Premiere), audio (Cakewalk) and email marketing software (Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s ExactTarget).

Carolina Otero Communications Officer — Carolina has a degree in journalism and is currently a Master of Communication student at UC. She is a VETASSES-accredited copywriter and has experience creating content for various types of media, including television and print, both in English and Spanish. Carolina is passionate about helping SMEs develop a digital marketing strategy.


The IACT Committee is also supported by various groups of volunteers, including an incredible group of IACT alumni, affectionately known as the IACT Collective, who help co-facilitate workshops and provide teams with guidance as they’re working through their exercises, our wonderful network of mentors, and our fantastic judging panel (we’ll be announcing who’s on the judging panel later in the program).

So take your time to meet the team, don’t be afraid to ask us for help and be open to listening to different viewpoints. Good luck!