Information for mentors

Help inspire Canberra’s next big thinkers, innovators and entrepreneurs.

A crucial element of the IACT program is our brilliant network of mentors, who help inspire, motivate and guide our teams through this pivotal stage in their entrepreneurial journeys.

By mentoring an IACT team, you can:

  • Give back to the local startup community
  • Develop your own skills by teaching others
  • Be the first to hear about innovative new business ideas
  • Scout for talented young entrepreneurs

Interested in mentoring? Get in touch with Vicki Stanley, IACT Program Manager at, with some detail about your expertise and areas of interest and what you’re looking for in a team to mentor.

Frequently asked questions about mentoring

Mentoring with IACT is best suited to those who have had their own recent experience working on or with startups, e.g. founders, business consultants, etc. We’re looking for mentors who can give teams encouraging yet frank feedback and advice, and who can prompt teams to ask themselves the right questions.

It is up to you how much time you are able to commit to mentoring, however we recommend setting aside 1-2 hours per week from September to October to meet and work with teams.

The IACT teams will also invite you to optional events for those looking for more opportunities to engage with teams.

Many mentors choose to mentor more than one team, but it up to you and your capacity – we don’t want you to have to stretch yourself too thin. While we certainly appreciate all the mentor assistance we can get, there are certainly no expectations for you to mentor multiple teams.

As IACT is a free program, we do rely on the generosity of our mentors to volunteer their time to help our teams. We appreciate your understanding.

Great to hear! To express your interest, get in touch with Vicki Stanley, IACT Program Manager at, with some details about your expertise and areas of interest, and what you’re looking for in a team to mentor, and we’ll be in touch!