IACT19 teams

Meet the IACT19 teams!

Learn more about the brilliant teams taking part in InnovationACT 2019, and if you’re interested in supporting them, or think there are ways that you may be able to help them along their journeys, do reach out to them! Good luck to all our teams!

99 Trivia

About the venture: Building communities through trivia nights.


Contact: jgjones1995@gmail.com

Team members: Alex Thorne, Jeremy Jones.



About the venture: Our team works on providing next generation UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicle) solutions and develop state of the art product in autonomous navigation and augmented reality. We provide real time GPS landmarking and projection to the user through AR. We are developing software-side solutions to integrate with current hardware making it low-cost and easy to implement for our commercial users.

How you can help: We seek support in industry connections and marketing strategies in areas we see applications in for our solution, these areas include agriculture, mining, and security.

Video pitch: Watch the team’s pitch.

Contact: u6157693@anu.edu.au

Team members: Rahul Ghangas, Christopher Joseph.



About the venture: We create an integrated platform for managing clothing waste. This platform will consist of a website and a physical warehouse. Our website features comprise of:
a. Bulk buying of unused clothes by providing pick up appointment
b. Bulk selling shredded clothes by informing our stock
c. An online shop which sells crafting product made from unused cloth
d. Schedule of crafting workshops

How you can help: We need support in terms of:
1. Finding the business partner which use shredded clothes as their raw material
2. Getting the affordable storage solution as our warehouse

Video pitch: Watch the team’s pitch.

Contact: apikcontact@gmail.com

Team members: Elfida Mardianita Mustofa, Kayla Edlyn, Ira Aprilianti, Liunardy Tjong.


AR Parking

About the venture: Remembering where you park can be difficult and people waste a huge amount of time looking for their car. AR Parking, an augmented reality-based application, is designed to streamline the process of locating the car with the beacons.

Video pitch: Watch the team’s pitch.

Contact: reuben.khj@gmail.com

Team members: Epi Terbio, Reuben Khong.



About the venture: Our team is working on a micro CRM software targeted at QSRs to assist in handling of customer complaints, improving the customer recovery and reducing fraud/loss to business.

Contact: nicholas.russell@outlook.com.au

Team members: Nicholas Russell, Erika de Leon



About the venture: Problem: Tracking loyalty points and receipts is currently clunky and paper-based; even apps like Stocard require a different card to be scanned at each store. Solution: Loyalty points and digital receipts, generated automatically based on your spending.

How you can help: If you’re involved in the hospitality industry we’re looking to understand what point of sale systems you use – and if you’re based in or around ANU/Braddon/Acton/Civic we’d love to work with you.

Video pitch: Watch the team’s pitch.

Contact: AutoTransact19@gmail.com

Team members: Kunal Vankadara, Tim Zhang, Jason Watling.



About the venture: Our team makes exploring the world of personal device casing quick, easy and smooth. We are looking to make a centralised platform and network aiming to make frequent changing of phone and other device cases cheaper both in time and money.

How you can help: Our team is currently seeking for further validation of our venture. We are currently in the phase of trying to understanding our market better and would love to hear your opinion.

Video pitch: Watch the team’s pitch.

Contact: u6089066@anu.edu.au

Team members: Arina Sigal, Roger Yu, Kirill Sidorenko, Kazimier Lim.



About the venture: In this fitness-based venture, we aim to connect university students who also happen to be sports lovers, with other sports lovers in order to help them in gaining motivation and reduce stress levels. We also aim to connect coaches to the students who are willing to learn something new or even work on their skills.

Contact: u6171829@anu.edu.au

Team members: Aditya Tandon, Aakash Dhanda, Rahul Chadha.



About the venture: Our team is addressing social isolation among groups such as university students and the elderly. We plan to solve this by facilitating and encouraging interaction between student volunteers, elderly volunteers, and other members of the community over healthy food served by our food truck.

How you can help: We love hearing any feedback from the community and are mainly seeking support with customer validation, and advice with starting a food business, and finding a truck to rent.

Video pitch: Watch the team’s pitch.

Contact: laura.khuu@anu.edu.au

Team members: Laura Khuu, Megan Setiabudi, Jacinta Chen.



About the venture: We are trying to make it easy for venues to find, book and manage DJ’s. Our platform will give venues access to a broader pool of local DJ’s, increase competition, ease and save time for both nightclubs and DJ’s. Our target venues are smaller, less established bars and clubs.

How you can help: We are currently seeking feedback about the structure of our revenue model. We are balancing between subscription model, loss leader/value added, percentage based commission or a combination of these.

Video pitch: Watch the team’s pitch.

Contact: mddtbrown@outlook.com

Team members: Michael Brown, Nigarish Haider, Moksh Mittra, Sheece Gardezi.



About the venture: Mobility and internet connectivity will be two big things going to be developed in future in developing or least developed community. Seeking education abroad is one of the motivation and career goals for students from these countries .Our mission is to create a digital platform that can help students to interact and work on projects with their community who is already abroad through a mentor ship program.

Contact: u7020555@anu.edu.au

Team members: Rajat Walia, Apoorva Raghuvanshi.



About the venture: EaziTrip is a Travel app helping tourists explore and discover local authentic experiences through Augmented Reality. We focus on Chinese tourists as they need to download 4-5 different apps when they go travel (apps which are banned in their country). The revenue comes from businesses who will promote their products and offer deals to our users in return for a monthly subscription fee.

How you can help: Ideas on how to approach businesses and how to help them become “Asian Traveller Ready” before we get them to engage on our platform. Also ideas on a newsletter & social media content strategy.

Video pitch: Watch the team’s pitch.

Contact: tudor.barbu7@gmail.com

Team members: Tudor Barbulescu, Prateek Aranha.



About the venture: We are building a product which will enable laryngeal cancer patients to speak after removal of their natural larynx.


Contact: shivamkalkar1997@gmail.com

Team members: Shivam Kalkar, Keerthi Suresh.


ethical closet

About the venture: ethical closet is a streamlined interactive magazine with a social review platform.


How you can help: We are looking for any experts had publication or marketing experience

Video pitch: Watch the team’s pitch.

Contact: hanyunding188@gmail.com

Team members: Aubrey Chayson, Hanyun Ding, Qiteng Zheng.


Ethical Habits

About the venture: Our venture will help organisations prevent penalties and badpress resulting from violation of regulations related to workplace conditions. Such violations often happen due to lack of visibility and communication in long horizontal and vertical supply chains. We help organisations in getting a full visibility of the supply from the most reliable and direct source i.e. workers of the supply chain.

How you can help: We are looking for technical and marketing support. We have validated our venture idea. All we need at this point is a strong technical implementation and market ourselves well to organisations.

Video pitch: Watch the team’s pitch.

Contact: neetii.nc@gmail.com

Team members: Neeti Chauhan, Qiuxi Shi.



About the venture: The problem we are trying to solve is the difficulties in achieving market recognition for current independent fashion designers. We will provide the service to help independent fashion designers to have a better information exchange platform to the fashion industry, which helps designers to reach their potential employers and expand their market.

Contact: billy.du@hotmail.com

Team members: Billy Du, Gefei Wei.


Gleeson and Seeber

About the venture: The ever-increasing use of AI in the workforce is leaving the current generation of workers behind. We plan to solve this problem through a venture that retrains these workers to be suitable for the tasks of tomorrow.

Video pitch: Watch the team’s pitch.

Contact: elvisgleeson@gmail.com

Team members: Elvis Gleeson, Mani Seeber.


Impatient Academics Coop.

About the venture: Impatience can be a virtue for academics, especially when you are eager to see the impact on your research ideas. We work to create spectrum of impact pathways for academics to test their innovative ideas for real world track record.

Video pitch: Watch the team’s pitch.

Contact: sora.lee@anu.edu.au

Team members: Sora Lee, Ryan Wong, Janice Lee.



About the venture: The rise of tourism is both highly vulnerable to climate change while at the same time contributing to it. Therefore, we want to create a sustainable tourism platform that can facilitate experience tourism designed and led by local with climate change reduction through global tree restoration. Kotatanyoe is a sustainable tourism platform that donates som of its income to a tree planting program.

How you can help: We need support/feedback in terms of the tourism pacakages that are customers looking for. In addition to this, the UX and UI design of the platform should be easily used by tour hosts and customers.

Video pitch: Watch the team’s pitch.

Contact: asrul.sidiq@gmail.com

Team members: Asrul Sidiq, Denny Irawan, Rizqi Okta Ekoputris, Martina Dewi Handini.



About the venture: We are trying to build a storage system to store travellers’ posts at scenic spot permenantly. The problem is that many people expect to leave something to the beautiful scene they are travelling at but have no place to store them permenantly. We plan to solve this problem by using Blockchain and Clouds storage technology to make permenant storage possible.

How you can help: We may need to change our technical support from Blockchain to Clouds storage, since using the latter one may solve the problem we wanna solve better.

Video pitch: Watch the team’s pitch.

Contact: team_pangaroo@sina.com

Team members: Yuntao Zhang, Zian Li, Zongyuan Sui, Yingxiang Ji, Weihan Zhang.



About the venture: The problem is lack of sustainability of economic activities. RescoIO is an open platform and web app for the exchange, maintenance, traceability and financing of products, their parts and materials; with the aim of optimising usage, effective life and circularity. It helps networks, organisations and individuals to offer a service on a product or through a product.

How you can help: As a future platform, we are very interested in projects that would like to use RescoIO for offering a given service on a product or through a product.

Video pitch: Watch the team’s pitch.

Contact: marc.torra@anu.edu.au

Team members: Marc Torra, Alejandra Barrios Paez.



About the venture: RETNA TECH is creating an implantable Artificial Retina – ‘RETNA ‘, which can help people who lost vision due to problems in their retina. Our vision is to give back your precious Vision.

How you can help: We are currently looking for investors and government support.

Contact: 12345iteam@gmail.com

Team members: Saritha Balram, Aswani Gopakumar Saraswathy Vilasam, Masahito Takeuchi, Sandra Tong, Cheng Chen.



About the venture: Revent offers a smarter alternative to the traditional banks. We allow freelancers and businesses to register their company, open a zero monthly fee business account, and receive a virtual card which they can immediately transact on in just minutes. Additionally, we will provide a suite of financial tools including AI-powered expense management, instant invoicing, and easy access to credit.

How you can help: We would appreciate guidance on financial and payment regulations, and introductions to people in the fintech sector and card issuers in Australia.

Video pitch: Watch the team’s pitch.

Contact: info@getrevent.com.au

Team members: Tom Hamer, Dan Farahani, Will Shen, Tamjid Tayeb.



About the venture: Sila Watch is a low cost fully functional smart watch. The watch was developed fully in house and is built with a modular system which allows for a large amount of customizability. The Software for Sila Watch is developed in Micro Python allowing for an easy development environment for third-party app developers combined with an AppStore it is set up for a healthy dev community. The watch already has an MVP and the short term focus of the group is marketing to gauge interest in our product. Sila Tech tries to ensure that our manufacturing is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Video pitch: Watch the team’s pitch.

Contact: u6729293@anu.edu.au

Team members: Andi Yan, Stephan Kashkarov, Maddy McCusker, Winnie Yu, Mayra Balderas.



About the venture: Every building requires an electricity provider to use the electricity from the grid. Retailers have various plans making it hard for individuals or business to select the best one. Another issue is switching between retailers is a tenuous process and most people avoid doing it, knowing this the retailers exploit such customers. We are going to provide customers with a service that automates this.

How you can help: We are hoping to do our customer validation through the community and develop our idea with the support from them. We are also keen to learn from the experiences the community can provide.

Video pitch: Watch the team’s pitch.

Contact: advaith@rexergy.com.au

Team members: Advaith Sivakumar, Arailym Zhaksylyk.


Solar Campus

About the venture: Fractional ownership of community rooftop solar.
We are creating a platform that enables solar panels to be installed and have the benefit shared within the community through fractional ownership. Community members invest in solar panels through our platform, and earn dividends from solar electricity, the building owner has cheaper electricity bills, and the solar panels fight climate change!

How you can help: We are looking for advice and expertise on how we can engage with the community and deliver financial services to raise funds for our trial project at John XXVIII College on ANU campus.

Video pitch: Watch the team’s pitch.

Contact: markgmcanulty@gmail.com

Team members: Mark McAnulty, Aaron Zee.



About the venture: We are hoping to solve a problem of food service in which people have to spend time to do grocery and travel. We want to solve this by developing a platform that people can do shopping and get their grocery at their door step within today or tomorrow.

Contact: soriyaACT@gmail.com

Team members: Rina Som, Mradul Dhakar, Nihal Abdul Hameed, Ashish Agarwal, Madan Amperayani.



About the venture: With the growing concern for the environment, Spots aims to create a movement towards environmental sustainability and humanitarianism. Our solution is to create a platform for sustainable businesses to ‘synergise’ with one another, and together create an aggregate marketplace for consumers to learn about eco-friendly products and ways to help.

How you can help: We want to emphasise collaboration over competition within the community, and for each individual to genuinely feel their actions go towards their own future and environment.

Video pitch: Watch the team’s pitch.

Contact: SpotsPlatform@gmail.com

Team members: Christopher Hume, Arthur Sagge, Max Moore.


String Theory

About the venture: Enabling fixed capacity brick and mortar businesses to identify and foster deeper relationships with recurring customers, turning them from transient consumers to passionate members!

Video pitch: Watch the team’s pitch.

Contact: harrisonturton@gmail.com

Team members: Rishi Dhakshinamoorthy, Harrison Turton.


Super Tingle

About the venture: Mainly use computing, mathematics and statistics knowledge to solve real-life problems or one specific point of a hot topic.


Contact: u6099927@anu.edu.au

Team members: Siying Qian, Wenjun Yang, Xuanchen Jiang.


Sway Agritech

About the venture: Effective elimination of methane in New Zealand cattle and sheep using ‘Asparagopsis Taxiformis’ seaweed as a feed ingredient, grown on the coast of Papua New Guinea.

How you can help: We’re always interested in having conversations with people about anything related.

Video pitch: Watch the team’s pitch.

Contact: brandon@hargraves.co

Team members: Brandon Hargraves, Kerry Zhang.


About the venture: We are a company aim to develop an app which informs the exact spot of available parking space within Canberra for people that commute with cars with less cost technology by combining indoor online map and QR-code system to track the occupancies of the parking space, so it significantly reduces the cost of time-searching, provides clear and reliable information, and higher profit for space-owner.

How you can help: How you can help? Our business idea is not solely profit-driven but also to make people of Canberra’s life better. We are keen to work with the ACT government to improve the overall commuting quality.

Video pitch: Watch the team’s pitch.

Contact: aulia.alfahmy@anu.edu.au



About the venture: Tenantly is an investment property management app focused on saving landlords and property investors time, money and stress when dealing with tenants by simplifying rent payments, inspections, tax filing, contract signing, bond payments as well as repairs and maintenance through the use of smart contracts, and blockchain technology.

Rentality takes out the middleman out of the renting process and allows you to manage your rental property within anywhere in the world with ease, knowing your rental property is in safe hands while you’re away or simply getting on with your life.

Contact: u6700292@anu.edu.au

Team members: Zhaolun Zhou, Mak Zhang.



About the venture: We are working on utilising coffee/tea waste and turning on it various useful products with the help of organic fertilisers and other materials. Also, got ANU SEEF Funding for developing a prototype to begin with.

Contact: manvendra.singh@anu.edu.au

Team members: Manvendra Singh, Ashish Adi, Malika JayaSinghe.


Two Step Tommy

About the venture: Making a brand recognizable and impactful is critical towards attracting and retaining customers. At Two Step Tommy, we believe a brand’s point of difference can be through the use of data driven generative graphics systems. We assist brands with the conception, build and ongoing support of these generative graphics systems to deliver them an aesthetic which is infinitely interesting.

How you can help: At this stage, Two Step Tommy is seeking support through contacts in the events industry in Canberra.

Video pitch: Watch the team’s pitch.

Contact: declan.j.odonovan@gmail.com

Team members: Declan O’Donovan, Curtis Smith, Thomas Larkin, Lachlan Bryant.