Countdown to IACT19 Pitch Night

From a record 71 teams participating in InnovationACT 2019, we’re now down to our Top 10. Meet the ten brave teams who will be pitching their ventures at IACT19 Pitch Night.

Teams of bright up-and-coming entrepreneurs from Canberra have been working incredibly hard over these past ten weeks, developing innovative business ideas that could one day change the world.

For many of these teams, the InnovationACT program has been their first ever foray into the world of  startups, but with the help of some intensive workshops, expert seminars, and mentorship, they have come out the other end with new skills, tools and networks to allow them to continue on with their entrepreneurial journeys.

InnovationACT 2019: Pitch Night will be the culmination of these teams’ progress, with the Top 10 teams from this year’s cohort pitching their ventures in front of an expert Judging Panel and community audience.

Meet the Top 10 IACT19 teams who will be pitching the ventures on Tuesday 15th October:


Our team works on providing next generation UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicle) solutions and develop state of the art product in autonomous navigation and augmented reality. We provide real time GPS landmarking and projection to the user through AR. We are developing software-side solutions to integrate with current hardware making it low-cost and easy to implement for our commercial users.


Remembering where you park can be difficult and people waste a huge amount of time looking for their car. AR Park, an augmented reality-based application, is designed to streamline the process of locating the car with beacons.

ConSenses Events

Our team is addressing social isolation, particularly among the Canberra's ageing population. We plan to solve this by holding a monthly market with activities, stalls for elderly to sell products and services, and a place for community interaction.


We are trying to make it easy for venues to find, book and manage DJ's. Our platform will give venues access to a broader pool of local DJ's, increase competition, ease and save time for both nightclubs and DJ's. Our target venues are smaller, less established bars and clubs.

Gleeson and Seeber

The ever-increasing use of AI in the workforce is leaving the current generation of workers behind. We plan to solve this problem through a venture that retrains these workers to be suitable for the tasks of tomorrow.


The problem is threefold: lack of sustainability of current resource extraction, data silos and an Internet of Things without privacy. RescoIO is a no-code development platform to track products and its components, monitor performance and usage, and invoice for the services the product offers without having to program a single line of code. In RescoIO data is open and privacy preserved.


RETNA TECH is creating an implantable Artificial Retina - ‘RETNA ‘, which can help people who lost vision due to problems in their retina. Our vision is to give back your precious Vision.


Revent offers a smarter alternative to traditional business transaction accounts. We allow freelancers and businesses to register their company, open a zero monthly fee business account and receive a virtual card which they can transact on in just minutes. Additionally, we provide a suite of financial tools including AI-powered expense management, instant invoicing, and access to credit.

Solar Campus

Fractional ownership of community rooftop solar. We are creating a platform that enables solar panels to be installed and have the benefit shared within the community through fractional ownership. Community members invest in solar panels through our platform, and earn dividends from solar electricity, the building owner has cheaper electricity bills, and the solar panels fight climate change!

Two Step Tommy

Making a brand recognisable and impactful is critical towards attracting and retaining customers. At Two Step Tommy, we believe a brand's point of difference can be through the use of data driven generative graphics systems. We assist brands with the conception, build and ongoing support of these generative graphics systems to deliver them an aesthetic which is infinitely interesting.

On the night, each of these teams will have five minutes to pitch their ventures, followed by five minutes of questions from our expert Judging Panel, made up of representatives from ACT Government, the Canberra Innovation Network, Mill House Ventures and Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre. The judges will then select which of these teams will receive a share of the $50,000 grant pool and other startup support. These and other prizes will be announced at IACT19 Awards Night on 19th October.

These teams are currently busily preparing their pitches for Tuesday night. Please come support them and hear about their incredible ideas – reserve your free ticket to IACT19 Pitch Night now.

InnovationACT, a proud initiative of The Australian National University, is a free, ten-week entrepreneurship program that provides the skills, tools and networks to those looking to begin their startup journey.

Media enquiries:
Vicki Stanley, Program Manager – InnovationACT, 02 6125 6446