The IACT team

Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.

InnovationACT is made possible each year with thanks to a large network of individuals and organisations, all passionate about supporting young entrepreneurs. 

The IACT Committee

Behind each year’s program is a dedicated committee working behind the scenes. Led by a Program Manager, and supported by experienced Facilitators and enthusiastic student volunteers, the IACT Committee is the first point-of-contact for program participants, mentors, judges, supporters and other program stakeholders.

The IACT Collective

The IACT Collective are a special group of IACT alumni who join us for workshops and other IACT events to share their own experiences with our teams and support them through the intensive ten-weeks.

The mentors

Our mentors are a network of brilliant entrepreneurs, researchers and businesspeople, from various disciplines and walks of life, who are matched with teams to provide inspiration and brutally honest feedback to our teams.

The judges

Each year, teams’ business ideas are evaluated by our judging panel, made up of key representatives from the local innovation community.