Supporting entrepreneurs since 2008.

InnovationACT is a proud initiative of The Australian National University in Canberra, Australia.

The program was first developed in 2008 by a bright group of ANU PhD students, with the objective to expose students to entrepreneurial pathways and opportunities.

Since then, the program has continued to grow and develop, and now supports hundreds of entrepreneurs across Canberra each year, and has established itself as a valuable component of Canberra’s innovation ecosystem.

The program, in its current form, has been possible with thanks to many brilliant minds. Special recognition must go to Camilo Potocnjak Oxman, Rish Ratnam, Vincent Ward, Juan Pablo Contreras, Jayden Castillo, Irene Zhen, Chris Hind, and Vicki Stanley, for their invaluable contributions – thank you to each of you.

We asked our past participants to share the most valuable thing they gained from the program. Here’s what they said: